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10 Most Remote Islands in the World

Aditi Yadwadkar Dec 10, 2020
Tromelin is 367 miles from Mauritius (which the island belongs to), and 1,700 miles from continental Africa. It is just seven metres above sea-level at its highest point
#10. Tromelin Island
The tiny Tromelin Island is 367 miles from Mauritius and 1,700 miles from continental Africa.
The French ship Utile carrying slaves discovered the island in 1776 and 60 slaves were left on the island after a shipwreck. Around 8 of them were rescued 15 years later.
#9. Easter Island
The island is 2,075 km away from Pitcairn Island and is a World Heritage Site.
Eerie Fact: Nearly 900 Moai statues are on the Easter Island and all are around 13 feet tall and weigh over 14 tons.
#8. North Sentinel Island
This island is 400 miles from the nearest continental mainland in Myanmar and the North Sentinel Island is merely 59.6 km sq, roughly the same area as New York’s Manhattan Island.
The  Green Island sits on the north-western edge of the reef flat in  the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia, in the Coral Sea. The coral life of the reef makes this a UNESCO World Heritage site.
#7. Green Island
These afrotropical islands are located around 4,000 km away from any continent. Their isolation is the reason behind their unique biodiversity. However, due to growing human interference, some birds here may have become extinct.
#6. Amsterdam and Saint-Paul Islands

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#5. Coco (Keeling) Island
The Keeling Islands in Australia are home to less than 600 people. However, its heavenly beaches are suffering from plastic pollution, being overrun by 414 million pieces of plastic!
#4. Gambier Island
The Gambier Island is of the most secluded island in French Polynesia.  This magnificent island features coral reefs and crystal pools, and is most known for its black cultured pearls.
#3. Socotra Island
Yemen’s Socotra Island is known for its biodiversity. A third of the island’s plant life and 90 percent of its reptile species aren’t found anywhere else on earth, including the dragon’s blood tree!
#2. Svalbard Islands
It is located about halfway between Norway and the North Pole, and has become a destination for travelers hoping to see both the northern lights and the polar bears.
#1. Cape York
The Cape York is a large remote peninsula at the northernmost tip of Australia. Part of Queensland, the area has secluded beaches, wetlands, and national parks.