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Must Read: Facts and Information About Ohio

Prabhakar Pillai Jul 28, 2020
Ohio is a US state located in the Midwestern region of the country. Its capital city is Columbus.
The state's total area is 44,825 square miles and is home to around 11.7 million residents.
Nicknamed 'The Buckeye State', Ohio became a US state in 1803. Incidentally the state's capital is also its largest city.
The state's name is derived from the name of the river 'Ohio'. The name means 'great river' in Iroquois language. The Iroquois is a Native American Tribe that settled in this region.
Stretching to 1,579 km, the Ohio River empties its water into the mighty Mississippi River.
Seven US Presidents were born in this state.
Ohio is regarded as a swing state in the election for the US Presidency. The last time a US President was elected without winning this state was in 1960.
Interestingly, almost half of US residents stay within a 500 mile radius of Columbus.
Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg and Thomas A. Edison are Ohio natives.
Farming is the state's top industry grossing $100 billion in revenue yearly.
The first cash register machine was invented here in 1879.
One popular and famous tourist attraction of this state is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It is located in Cleveland and is a must-visit.
Cleveland residents Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were the original creators of the Superman character. DC Comics later acquired the rights from them.
The first African-American woman to graduate in the US was Mary Patterson from Oberlin College in 1862.
Unlike all the other state flags, the flag of Ohio is not rectangular.
The world's first electric traffic signal was put into operation in this state in 1914.
In 1670, French explorer Robert de La Sella became the first outsider to arrive in this region. Later in 1763, the British conquered the area.
Ohio was a pro-Union state in the American Civil War. Anti-war residents were dubbed 'Copperheads' by the others.
Ohio is known for being a major manufacturing hub as well as has a booming tourism industry.
In the United States, Police Cars were first used in the city of Akron, Ohio.