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Must Read: History, Culture & Facts About Mississippi

Prabhakar Pillai
Mississippi is a US state located in the southern region of the country. Its capital is Jackson.
The total area of the state is 48,430 square miles with a population around 3 million.
The History
The region has been inhabited by humans for more than 12,000 years. Native American tribes such as the Natchez, Biloxi, Choctaw and Chickasaw lived here.
Hernando de Soto of Spain arrived here in 1540.
In 1699, the French made a permanent settlement here. Later in 1763, the Great Britain took control of the region.
Mississippi became an American territory in 1798. The state officially joined the Union in 1817.
Facts About Mississippi

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The state was among the largest slave states in the US. The economy was dominated by plantation agriculture.
In 1861, the southern state seceded from the American Union.
Over 750 Civil War Battles took place in this state.
A group of slaves in Mississippi were freed and returned to Africa. They then, established a nation known as Liberia.
The first ever heart transplant surgery in the world was performed here!
The state's capital city was named after General Andrew Jackson. The latter played a significant role in the Battle of New Orleans in 1812.
The southern US state boasts of the world's longest man-made beach. The latter starts at Biloxi and terminates at Henderson Point.
Interestingly, Mississippi's state tree and state flower are the same - namely Magnolia.
The former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt spared the life of a trapped bear while hunting in the state. Inspired by this, a candy shop owner created a stuffed animal dubbed 'Teddy's Bear'.
The folk of this state visit the church more frequently than any other U.S. states!
This southern state is named after the mighty Mississippi River. The Ojibwa tribe call the river messipi, which translates to 'Big River'.
Elvis Presley was a famous Mississippi Native.
Forest covers a whopping 63% of the state's land.

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The University of Mississippi holds the oldest book of the country.
Greenwood, Mississippi is popularly known as the World's Cotton Capital.
The world's sole cactus plantation is located here!