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Places to See in Leicester, England

Sucheta Pradhan May 8, 2020
Located in England’s East Midlands region, Leicester is the city that exudes a vibrant vibe. A perfect destination for a family vacation, here are some interesting places to see in Leicester, England!
Leicester Castle
One of the most iconic historical landmarks of Leicester, the Leicester Castle consists of ancient ruins with many intact buildings surrounding the castle walls.
Take a walk across the beautiful castle gardens situated along the bank of the canal and admire the feel of history in the air!
Leicester Cathedral
This is also a popular attraction of the city. The Leicester Cathedral was built during the 13th century over the remains of an ancient Roman temple.
With wonderful architecture and colorful stained-glass windows, this beautiful building will enchant your senses. It is also the final resting place of the legendary King Richard III.
New Walk Museum
If you are an art enthusiast, pay a visit to Leicester’s New Walk Museum that houses a number of art and craft galleries.
Their Picasso exhibit and German Expressionist collection are internationally renowned. The lunchtime concerts hosted by the museum are particularly popular.
National Space Centre
If you are traveling with kids, don’t forget to take them to the National Space Centre. It houses UK’s largest planetarium and hosts many interactive shows for kids and adults alike.
Children will enjoy the six exhibition galleries in the facility and its famous rocket tower will blow your mind away!
Victoria Park
For those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Victoria Park is the perfect place to go. An ideal picnic spot to enjoy with family and kids, this park will not disappoint.
Full of colorful flowers and shaded walkways, it’s a great place to loosen up a little with your family. It also features a memorial arch built to commemorate the World War I martyrs.
King Power Stadium
If you are a football fan, King Power Stadium is as good as a pilgrimage spot in Leicester. Home to the Leicester City Football Club, it’s the 20th largest football stadium in England.
If there is a game on in the stadium while you’re in the city, try to catch the same with your friends and family. If not, just take a tour of the ground and don’t forget to click lots of pictures!
Golden Mile
Leicester is home to a huge Indian community and Golden Mile is the stretch of road that features numerous Indian shops and restaurants.
If you are visiting Leicester in October-November, make sure you don’t miss taking a stroll of the Golden Mile as it hosts the biggest Diwali celebration outside India.
Leicester City Market
No visit to Leicester can be complete unless you visit the Leicester City Market. It is a very vibrant and bustling place to shop for some local produce and to catch the actual pulse of the city.
Grab a bite to eat from the several indoor and outdoor food stalls this market houses. Besides, you can also connect with the locals at this market while shopping.