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Plan Your Visit to Angkor : The Ancient City of Cambodia

Dhanashree Khadke Jul 28, 2020
Angkor - The ancient city of Cambodia, is a dream destination for them who loves to relive history and cherish the archeological glory of those times. Here's the best way to plan your visit to Angkor.
Angkor was the capital of the Khmer empire of Cambodia from the 9th to the 15th century. The glory of this classic period is easy to witness in its magnificent architecture.
Did You Know?
The Angkor archaeological complex consists of more than 1000 splendid temples.
The main highlights of Angkor architecture are huge, intricately decorated entrance gates, never-ending corridors, secret passageways, and artistic carvings.
Best Time to Visit Angkor
November to March is the best time to visit this historic site, however, it is also the peak season for tourists.
How much Time do You Need to Explore Angkor?
You need at least 3-4 days to visit all the attractions.
Places to Visit in Angkor
Ta Phrom
This place may ignite a desire of playing hide and seek in you. Several aged trees with enormous roots are entangled with ancient edifices that form long corridors.
This temple is featured in the Tomb Raider movie that makes it even popular among the tourists.
Ta Som
Best things come in small packs! This is a small yet a unique temple that prominently highlights a huge strangler fig tree that covers the eastern gate and walls and a few towers with faces on its outer surface.
This is a perfect place to click some impressive photographs as it is often less crowded. The best time to capture impeccable pics is early morning and late afternoon.
East Mebon
This temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva. It is a three-tiered colossal temple with striking elephant and lion sculptures at gateways and beautiful carvings all over them.
Preah Khan
It is one of the largest temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park. Preah Khan literally translates to 'holy sword'. The uniqueness of this temple lies in its motifs like lingas, giant snakes, and garudas, etc. carved on its entrance gates and walls.
Bayon Temple
Dedicated to Lord Buddha, Bayon temple is situated in the heart of the Angkor city. The gigantic stone faces carved on the outer surface of this temple are enough to make your heart skip a beat.
The structure of the temple and shades of surrounding trees proffers a wonderful play of light giving some perfect photo opportunities.
This pyramid-style temple or 'mountain-temple' is one of the impressive temples of this archaeological site, providing excellent views of Angkor city. The temple is embellished with beautiful carvings of lotus flowers, hunting scenes, war scenes, and mythological tales.
Try to visit this site in the morning or late afternoon, as you have to climb steep stairs to reach the top with no shade at all in the way.
Also, make sure you don't miss the giant Buddha statue situated between the Bayon and Baphuon temples.
Banteay Srei
This temple is undoubtedly one of its kind! The compactness, pink limestone, elaborate carvings of female deities make it one of the distinct monuments of Angkor.
This temple is popular by many names like Tribhuvanamahesvara, the lady temple, the tiny temple, the pink temple, etc.
Prasat Kravan
It is a smaller but beautiful temple consisting of symmetrical towers built of red bricks.
Angkor Wat
This extensive temple is the world’s largest religious monument.
Every chamber, corridor, gallery, and courtyard of this temple is magnificently carved with Hindu mythological tales on them.
Interesting Things to do in Angkor
Take a Khmer cooking class
Explore the old market of Siem Reap and enjoy some fresh-fruit smoothies.
Enjoy Apsara dance!
Delight yourself with some deep fried snakes, tarantulas, crickets, and spiders.