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Reasons Why You Should Travel to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Prabhakar Pillai
The third largest city of the African nation of Ethiopia has its fair share of attractions that draws tourists. Take a look at what this beautiful city has to offer.
If you want to explore Ethiopia, then it is recommended to start from Bahir Dar. A popular tourist destination, it boasts of natural wonders, bustling markets, historic monasteries and more.
The important city is squeaky clean, decently maintained and relatively safe to visit compared to other tourists spots in the neighborhood.
The Bahir Dar Market
On offer are different kinds of exotic spices, attractive souvenirs, crops and exquisite crafts.
The popular attraction is touted as the prettiest traditional market in the Northern region of this fascinating country. Here, visitors get to see the daily life of folk of this place.
Palace of Emperor Haile Selassie
Close to the Martyrs Memorial is Bezawit Hill. A former palace of Haile Selassie is on the summit of the hill.
The palace of one of the country's greatest rulers was constructed in 1959. The attraction offers panoramic views of the surroundings. Note that photography is not permitted here.
Lake Tana
It has the distinction of being the country's largest lake. Did you know that it is the source of the Blue Nile?
The attraction boasts of beautiful waters and amazing variety of bird life. Simen Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is located near the lake.
Blue Nile Falls
This waterfall on the Blue Nile river is one of Ethiopia's most famous attractions.
The waterfall is an impressive 400 meter wide and pours down over a 45 meter tall chasm. Onlookers up to a kilometer away are drenched by this natural wonder.
Bahir Dar boasts of as many as 37 ancient monasteries built in the 16th and 17th centuries. The interiors of the monasteries have pictures of martyrs.
The famous monastries here include Debre Maryam Monastery, Entos Eyesu Monastery, Kibran St. Gabreil Unity of Monastery, Azwa Mariam Monastery and Bete Maryam.
Martyrs Memorial Monument
The landmark is in honor of the folks who laid down their lives battling the Derg. Here are many photos from the resistance in Amhara.
The popular attraction is large in size and boasts of a pretty fountain.
Blue Nile Bridge
Built in 2009, the structure is the sole pedestrian cable bridge over the Blue Nile river in Ethiopia.
The popular attraction is a must-visit and a treat for the eyes. Watch out for crocodiles and hippos here.
Fish Market
Located behind St George's Church is this bustling place. The catch comes in the morning here.

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The important city is a seafood paradise in a landlocked nation. The subspecies of the Nile tilapia found solely in Lake Tana has become a staple in the city.
St. George Church
It is a large recently built church located near the lake in the central region of the city.