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Rio de Janeiro - Things to do and Places to Visit

If there is any city that knows how to celebrate life, it is Rio!!!
Soniya Khushalani Nov 02, 2020
One hell of a  party!!!
Probably, the only thing that comes  to mind when you hear the name Rio is...
Rio is full of colorful streets, fun beaches, street parties, great food, historical places and how can we forget Samba!!!
It is a place that should be ticked on everyone's bucket list!!!
Sit back, relax and enjoy while we take you through this wonder land!!!
One of the 7 Wonders of the World!!!
Christ the Redeemer
The iconic statue of Christ overlooks the city from the 709-meter summit of Corcovado.
It is 30 meters tall, with arms stretching 28 meters.
Imagine getting married inside this architectural wonder!!!
Inside the statue there is chapel where weddings are a common sight!!!
A must visit landmark is the peak of Sugarloaf, towering 394 meters above the harbor.
Sugarloaf Mountain
The sugarloaf cable car is world-famous and provides breathtaking panoramic view of the city and beyond.
Only a few cities are blessed with a 4km shoreline!!!
Copacabana Beach
There are historic forts at both ends of the beach, Fort Copacabana in the south and Fort Duque in the north.
The place is lit at night with live band performances along with the sweet evening sea air.
If your idea of a vacation is sipping your beer and letting the wind caress your face, then this is your heaven!!!
Prainha Beach
This beach is blessed with pristine sand and clear waters .
A word of caution, the ocean here is known for strong undertow so maybe don't go in for a dip.
Football is the most loved sport in the whole of Brazil and Rio boasts Brazil's largest stadium!!!
Maracana Stadium
Football fan or not, do experience a match here to witness Brazil's genuine passion for the game!!!
It is home to more than 8000 species of plants.
Jardim Botanico
Every corner of the garden will form a great backdrop for your Christmas cards!!!
3,300-hectare Tijuca Forest surrounds the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado.
Tijuca National Park
Planted in 1850's the Tijuca Forest is one of the world's largest forests within a city.
It is home to native flora and fauna that you can enjoy while exploring its trails and roads..
The biggest party on the planet!!!
The Rio Carnival
The Carnival is an annual Brazilian festival which marks the beginning of Lent (the forty day period before Easter)
It is a lifetime expierence with six days of street festivals and samba rhythms, the entire city is pulsating in merriment!!!
Trust us you will need it!!!
Don't forget to pack your dancing shoes...
Happy Travel!!!