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Scenic Adventures in the Adirondack Mountains

Ketki Dongare Mar 26, 2024

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Drive into Adirondack Mountains in New York, that encompass over 6 million acres of beauty, featuring pristine lakes, boundless colorful mountains, and unlimited adventure.

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Lake Champlain
A perfect spot for a summer recreation, with beautiful clear blue skies and cotton white clouds, spend days hiking, or just wander in the many natural preserves.
Whiteface Mountain
Along with being the ski heaven of the Adirondacks, with the greatest vertical drop, Whiteface offers the most scenic views of the Adirondacks throughout.
Fort Ticonderoga
Well, Adirondacks welcomes the history buffs too. Visit the old French fort and learn the history of this beautiful place. Wander in the museums, or be a part of the war reenactment!
Mount Marcy
A call for all the ambitious hikers, climb to the highest peak of New York, with impressive views of the other Adirondack peaks.
Ausable Chasm
The serene Ausable River and huge sandstone formation cliffs towering on both sides, rafting amid the gorge is one adventure you don't want to miss!
High Falls Gorge
Go on a 30-minute walk in the Adirondacks, and witness the majestic waterfall up close and personal from the glass-floor walkway.
Mirror Lake
The calm, pristine lake with reflections of the quaint Lake Placid Village, is a dreamy spot to retreat.
Pull up a chair, a hot cup of coffee in hand, and a book to read is all you need to make the best of the place!
Camping at Adirondacks
Extensive hiking trails, canoeing among the gorgeous lakes, skiing at the high rising peaks, and biking among the nature's wilderness. Endless camping activities await you at the Adirondacks.
Adirondack High Peaks
Hike up on the 46 mountains of the High Peaks, and enjoy the panoramic vistas of the divine Adirondacks. Climb up to the highest point, Adirondack Mountain Summit.