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Scenic Beaches in Mombasa, Kenya

Chase the sun, Have some fun!!
Priyanka Wadhwani
Kenya is an East African country, known world wide for its wildlife and game reserves. It's also home to animals like lions, elephants and rhinos.
Not limiting to only the wildlife, Kenya’s beauty increases by the long coastline it has along the Indian Ocean. Kenya is also a land of incredibly stunning beaches.

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If you are looking for a beach vacation, full of activities, beautiful beach resorts, thrilling water sports, picture perfect views or just powder white sands to relax, Kenya is your answer.
Come let’s have a look at 10 of the best beaches in Mombasa, Kenya.
Diani Beach
Renowned for its coral-reefs, underwater sandbars, and widespread palm vegetation Diani Beach is Mombasa’s serene treasure. The most popular beach of Mombasa offers you an endless list of activities to perform.

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It’s location makes it an excellent day trip destination. Nyali Beach can also be referred to as an isolated attraction thanks to its calm and relaxing ambiance. Must see places here are the butterfly & crocodile farms.
Nyali Beach
This pretty beach is filled with coconut palm groves all over on sugar white sand near the crystal clear waters. Ideal for countless water sports & a heavenly getaway for tropical beach vacation.
Shanzu Beach
Watamu Beach
Popularly known as the Turtle Bay, Watamu is a charming village along Kenya’s coastline, and it is well known for its pristine white sand. This nature’s bliss is also famous for its local reefs, clear waters.
Lamu Beach
This white sandy paradise is a land of dhows, making a large contribution to the economy. Known for its picturesque views and peaceful ambiance, it is perfect for a barefoot walk.
Tiwi Beach
A remote haven, Tiwi is a real hidden gem. Calm and less crowded, this beach boasts of plenty of recreation options. It is also the best snorkeling spot as you can actually touch the coral reef as you walk along the shores of the beach.
Boasting sugar sand beaches & plenty of history, Kilifi has a perfect atmosphere to sit back & relax. The beach also has huge coral reefs, numerous palm trees, a handful of incredible seafood restaurants perched right over the water.
Kilifi Beach
A surreal retreat located in the heart of Mombasa, Bamburi Beach is a hit amongst newly weds. The peaceful and calm atmosphere of the beach is ideal to soak in the sun and the clear waters make it perfect for snorkeling.
Bamburi Beach
Malindi Beach
A dreamy felicity, Malindi beach is one of the most beautiful ones in Kenya. It is where the explorer Vasco Da Gama had landed in Africa. The locals call it ‘Little Italy’ due to the large population of Italian tourists.
Kikambala Beach
Surrounded by coconut palm grooves, Kikambala beach can be referred to as coastal utopia. It has a long stretch of beach, filled with white sands and is shielded by a long coral reef making it ideal for a day tour.
A day at the beach is a perfect way to celebrate life... go visit one today!!