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10 Spectacular Waterfalls in Utah You Must See

Megha Chakraborty

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Utah is a beautiful state in United States, it is quiet popular for its dramatic landscape and the falls.
The waterfalls here are alluring and soothing and the beauty of the cascading water is a glorious scenery that will definitely capture your heart.
Bell Canyon Falls
Located in Sandy, Utah, to explore the “first waterfall”, you have to hike 4 miles, but the reward will be a beautiful tall heavy crashing waterfall set in vedant forest with panoramic views of surrounding valley.
This exceptional waterfall is situated in Zion National Park which is a 6 miles round trip to the lower and higher pools.
Emerald Pools
The spring season is the best to experience the beauty of the magnificent pools and waterfalls.
Adams Canyon Waterfall
Located near Layton, Utah, to reach this  40-foot waterfall that falls into a small pond of water below, you have to hike a 4 miles trail through stunning scenic views of the valley and the nature surrounding.
This is located in a small town of the same name "Kanarraville", Utah. To reach this, you have take a water hike of 1.6 miles and then you can experience the second and third waterfall which is filled with lush scenery.
Kanarraville Falls
Close to Park City, the 3.5 mile easy trail will take you to this waterfall, where the water crashes through a hole in a small cave, thus the name "donut". Don’t forget to grab your camera for some best shots of the falls.
Donut Falls
Bridal Veil Falls
Located in Provo Canyon, this is one of the tallest waterfall in Utah which is approximately 600 feet tall.
To experience this, you have to take an easy hike of 1.2 miles. This waterfall cascades in a horsetail style over the cliff.
Situated in Kane County, Southern Utah, this waterfall is along the limestone cliff and the water cascades as a fall which is over 30 feet coming from the lake nearby, resulting in an extraordinary waterfall.
Cascade Falls
Cataract Gorge
This is an amazing fall, also known as Little "Deer Creek Falls", located in Unita National Forest, Utah.
The water for this precious waterfall flows through a stair of rocks making it a beautiful sight to watch.
Located in Mapleton, Utah, the 4 miles of adventurous trail will lead you to a wonderful Hotspring fed by a river at the base of the waterfall, making the falls ideal for swimming.
Fifth Water Hot Springs Waterfall
Stewart Falls
This spectacular waterfall is located near Mount Timpanogos.
By starting with an easy hike, get ready to be rewarded with a 200 feet tall mesmerizing waterfall and during winter, you can experience the magnificent sight of frozen falls.