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9 Stunning Beaches in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Prabhakar Pillai Nov 24, 2020
Dar es Salaam is the largest city of Tanzania. The African country is blessed with many gorgeous beaches. Dar es Salaam boasts of some great beaches.
1. Bongoyo Island Beach
Popular activities here are snorkeling and swimming.
The uninhabited island is an important marine conservation area. Offers warm tropical water as well as pristine white sands for visitors to revel in.
2. Bahari Beach
The serene and pretty beach is ideal for visitors seeking rest and relaxation.
The place is famous for fresh seafood. Indulge in a wide range of water sports here.
3. Amani Beach
The place offers great accommodation owing to many lodges and hotels located near the beach.
Soak in the natural rugged beauty on display. Indulge in surfing, horse riding and mountain biking at this popular beach.
4. Mikadi Beach
Amenities include food stalls, a bar restaurant as well as a decent swimming pool.
Gorge on delicious homemade burgers at this exquisite white sand beach. It is regarded as one of the best beaches here offering both relaxation and fun.
5. Kunduchi Beach
The white sandy beach is famed for its amazing sunset views.
The popular holiday destination has earned rave reviews among tourists. On offer is glorious sunshine and an abundance of luxury hotels and resorts.
6. Kipepeo Beach
Locals head here for a stress free experience.
The sun-kissed beach is blessed with tropical turquoise waters. It offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
7. Mbudya Island Beach
The pictureseque beach offers serene turquoise waters.
Several tourists are unaware of this beach. Enjoy fresh sea catch and solitude here.
8. South Beach
Another name of this beautiful beach is 'Kingamboni'.
Offers ideal conditions for swimming. As a bonus there is regular live music. This clean white sand beach is a must visit.
9. Coco Beach
Perfect for enjoying a drink and gazing at the beautiful sea.
This popular beach is frequented by both locals and tourists. Offers classy restaurants, bars and impressive outdoor entertainment.