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The Fascinating Places to Visit in Hampi, India

When listing down the key world heritage sites, the ruins of Hampi hold a special place in the list!
Bindu swetha May 14, 2020
The former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire from 1336 to 1565, Hampi is a beautiful historic village surrounded by the Tungabhadra river on one side and huge hills on the other three sides.
Sri Virupaksha Temple
One of the oldest temples in India, this temple is dedicated to the incarnation of Lord Shiva, Virupaksha, was built in the 7th century! With beautiful courtyard design, old-style structures and beautiful gateway towers, this temple should top the list of places to visit in Hampi.
As soon as you enter the temple, a statue of Nandi with three heads can be seen! There's an underwater Shiva temple in the temple complex which shouldn't be missed. You must try visiting the place during February when the annual festival takes place!
Vijaya Vitthala Temple
This 15th-century temple is dedicated to Lord Vithala - an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is considered to be one of the largest historical structures in Hampi!
The Stone Chariot, the elaborate sculptures and the beautifully carved musical pillars in the temple halls, depict the richness of craftsmanship of that era! The architecture dates back to the Dravidian era and truly reflects the beauty of South Indian architectural style.
An early morning visit to the temple will ensure you ditch the massive crowds that are present at the temple, every day!
Lotus Mahal
Another architectural marvel, Lotus Mahal, is named so as the central dome of this structure resembles the lotus bud while the passages and the balcony resemble the petals of lotus!
With a total of 24 pillars that provide an excellent pathway for ventilation inside the Mahal, the place is worth visiting during early mornings or late evenings.
Riverside Ruins
A favorite spot among photographers and historians, the Riverside ruins has a collection of 108 Shiva Lingas carved on the flat rocky surface! There's also a rock sculpture of Lord Vishnu in a reclining position at the spot.
Apart from the aforementioned, there are a lot of small statues, shrines, artefacts and pavilions at the riverside ruins. Don't forget to take your camera along, as this is the perfect place to capture some memorable snaps of your trip!
Archeological Museum
Located in Kamlapur, a few kms from the main ruins, the museum houses some interesting historic artefacts, paintings, coins, armory, and sculptures, each of which holds a part of Hampi's rich history. History buff or not, this place is highly recommended!
Lakshmi Narasimha Temple
The Statue of Urga Narasimha, located in the main ruins of Hampi, is a 6.7 m high statue! Lord Narasimha is known to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu in a half-human and half-lion form, sitting crossed-legged, in a fierce form.
Though the temple was vandalized during the Mughal rule, the place still holds its beauty which is a treat to photographers!
Queen's Bath
A royal bathing chamber of the king and his wives, the Queen's Bath has a massive dome-shaped roof, a rectangular pool in the middle of the structure with an open roof and arched corridors!
This architectural marvel was built some 500 years ago, lies close to the Royal Enclosure.
Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple
Located about 2 kms from the Virupaksha temple, this Hanuman temple is a part of a cave at the peak of the Anjaneya hill! Lord Hanuman's statue can be found in a meditation state at the temple, which is a rare sight.
Considered to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, you need to take a boat ride and then climb stairs to reach the temple.
Hippie Island
A backpacker's delight, the Hippie island is located across the Tungabhadra River. With cozy lodges, shacks, cafes, rice paddy field views, perfect jamming spots and amazing food, it's the place to enjoy a day off from all the sightseeing!