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Things to Do in Batumi, Georgia

Sucheta Pradhan May 4, 2020
Rightly called “the Vegas of the Black Sea”, Batumi, the capital of the Georgian republic of Adjara, has much more to offer than meets the eye. Here are some of the best things to see and do in the charming city of Batumi, Georgia.
Admire Nature at the Batumi Botanical Garden..
… that boasts a rich variety of plant species from across the globe.
The Batumi Botanical Garden is located on an uphill slope and there are numerous hiking trails within the garden area. Hike to the top to get majestic views of the sea and the surrounding region!
Take a ride in the Batumi Ferris Wheel …
… for awe-inspiring panoramic views of the city center and the Black Sea.
Also, don’t miss climbing up the lighthouse and the Alphabetic Tower, which are located just beside the Ferris Wheel.
Walk across the Batumi Boulevard …
… the oldest attraction in the city that holds events and entertainment activities throughout the year.
Enjoy its sculptures, fountains, cafés, restaurants, beach bars, and clubs. And yes. Don’t miss the amazing view of the sunset!
Grab a Burger at McDonald's …
… not because you’re fond of it, but because of the building in which the restaurant sits.
McDonald's in Batumi is housed in a futuristic building built atop a gas station with a sloping garden and canopied dining area. You’ll never forget your dining experience here.
Play with the Dolphins at Batumi Dolphinarium …
… along with your children. Spend an hour or two at the facility; the kids will never forget this lovely experience.
Their interactive shows are very popular and are aimed at making people understand why dolphins need to be protected. You can also swim with the dolphins here!
Relax on Batumi’s Beaches...
… which will never disappoint you. Swim, sunbathe, play volleyball, or surf & turf on these beaches and make the most of your vacation.
Batumi has several beaches like the Wild beach, Ureci beach, Kvariati beach, Gonio beach, etc. Pick the one you like and enjoy the sun & sand.
Visit Batumi Archaeological Museum…
… to get a bite of Georgia’s history. One of the oldest museums in Georgia, it specializes in the evolution of humankind in the region.
The building itself is an architectural masterpiece. Moreover, the displays will tell you a lot about Georgia’s history and culture through the ages.
Take a stroll across downtown Batumi …
… and marvel at the wonderful town planning of the carefully laid out city!
The buildings are aesthetically appealing and there are a lot of shopping and dining opportunities for all kinds of people.
Don’t miss Batumi Old Town & Europe Square …
… which will fascinate you every step of the way!
The buildings in this precinct look majestic and royal. Spend an hour here and remember to take a lot of pictures!