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Things to Do in Giethoorn, the Netherlands - the Village without Roads

Sucheta Pradhan May 2, 2020
Located in the WaterReijk Weerribben Wieden area of the Netherlands, the beautiful village of Giethoorn is rightly called the “Venice of the North”.
With no accessibility to cars and limited walking & cycling spaces, Giethoorn thrives on a perpetual canal system and about 180 footbridges for pedestrians and cyclists. If you’re traveling to Giethoorn with your family this vacation season, here’s what you can do there!
Take a self-sailing boat tour across the canals and admire the picturesque countryside around!
Book a spot on one of the canal cruises and take in the amazing scenery while enjoying sumptuous food onboard.
Take a self-guided walking tour across the village …
… or book one of the guided walking tours to understand the culture, and rural vibe …
… and take lots of pictures while doing so. You’ll make a lot of happy memories with your family in Giethoorn!
Take your children to the De Weerribben-Wieden National Park. They will be fascinated by the local flora and fauna found there!
Learn about the history and culture of the Giethoorn at Museum De Oude Aarde, the village’s local museum. The museum shop is fascinating too!
Don’t forget to try out the local cuisine at one of the canal-side restaurants and enjoy the magnificent views while treating your taste buds.