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Things to Do in Istria Peninsula

Shared by three countries – Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy – Istria is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. With abundant bounties of nature, fascinating history, lip-smacking local cuisine, and rich culture, it will never let you down.
Sucheta Pradhan Jun 19, 2020
Istria was initially known as "Histria" and sits at the head of the Adriatic Sea in between the Gulfs of Trieste and Kvarner.
Page through to see what all things you can do in Istria while on a vacation there!
Explore the Countryside in Motovun!
With great countryside and an enchanting natural area, the medieval hilltop settlement of Motovun will blow your mind. Sunsets in this village are particularly spectacular.
Spend a Romantic Weekend in Vrsar!
With origins dating back to Roman times, Vrsar offers many attractions for couples, including the Dusan Dzamonja Sculpture Park, Vergottini Castle, and Limski Channel.
Take a Leisurely Afternoon Walk in Novigrad!
The charming little town of Novigrad has a really nice beach to spend a relaxing afternoon. Stroll along the town walls and the marina to feel its vibe.
Admire Classic Venetian Architecture in Rovinj!
Rovinj is the crown jewel of Istria. Its Old town proudly boasts irresistible narrow streets, ancient pavements, tiny courts, and squares.
Appreciate Art and Nature in Labin!
Known as the “Artists’ Town” of Istria, Labin is the place for art aficionados. It has numerous classy art studios for tourists to check out.
Moreover, it also has abundant natural bounty to explore.
Hit the Beach in Rabac!
A typical touristy village, Rabac is perfect for beach lovers. Its pretty beaches are perfect for swimming & sunbathing, evening promenades, and boat excursions.
Party with Friends in Poreč!
If you are traveling with friends and love partying, spend a day in Poreč. With numerous beachside resorts offering perfect party venues, this resort town will never disappoint you.
Spend a Family Vacation in Fažana!
One of the most family-friendly places in Istria, Fažana has lots of pretty beaches, cycling routes, medieval architecture, abundant wildlife, and plenty of dining options.
Enjoy the Sun and Sand in Lovran!
One of the best places to hit in Istria to bask in the sun and enjoy the beach is the quaint town of Lovran.
The beaches here are simply amazing; this town is great to spend a weekend!
Get a Slice of History in Pula!
A seafront city on the tip of the Istrian Peninsula, Pula is known for its imposing Roman ruins. If you’re a history buff, don’t miss visiting this world-renowned city.
Get Close to Nature in Hum!
The Guinness Book of Records holder for being the smallest town in the world, Hum in central Istria has the most beautiful scenery in Istria. Nature lovers should never miss visiting this place.
Indulge in Paragliding in Buzet!
Located in the north of Istria, Buzet is a hilltop settlement overlooking the fertile valley of Mirna river. Paraglide over the river in Buzet to get scenic views of the surroundings – it is a very popular activity here!
Go Olive Oil Tasting in Vodnjan!
The town of Vodnjan is home to the Chiavalon Estate, one of the top 25 olive oil producers in the world. Book yourself an olive oil tasting tour of the estate and have an experience of a lifetime!
Visit a Local Winery in Šišan!
Istria boasts some of the best local wineries in Europe and the small village of Šišan is the best place to visit one. Several wine-tasting tours are offered by Šišan’s local wineries, which are worth taking.
Go on a Splurging Spree in Opatija!
If you’re looking to spend a lavish vacation in Istria, go to Opatija, the region’s premier resort town. With many elegant old hotels, exquisite al fresco dining options, and opulent shopping scene, this town definitely packs a punch.