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Things to do in Malaga, Spain

Ruchira Joshi
When in Malaga - don't forget to grab delicacies at friendly prices like natural sweet wine, Tapas, Churros, and the seafood.
Not to mention, it is also the birthplace of famous artist Pablo Picasso, so art is in the veins of this city.
Let's take a dive in the history, tradition, modern and contemporary life of Malaga along with what you need not to miss on your visit to the place...
Also known as Rock of Light, this is an accent for many visitors to Malaga. Fortified by stone structure amidst the pine and eucalyptus trees, this historical site will let you cherish a stupendous view of the city from its cliff points.
Just 10 mins from Castle Gibralfaro, close to Roman theatre, is Alcazaba, it faces the entire city and port of Malaga. Just stroll around and revisit the former times.
Are you a water tourist? If yes, then the Port of Malaga will cater to your every need for the love of the water. The cruise ship is the main activity on this port, with imports of many products to Malaga.
Centrally located in the city, like any other beach you may enjoy water sports, local street foods, street shopping, and El Cubo the glass structure.
Referred as a sleepless street, the market here is open 24x7. The night view is stunning with lamps decorating the streets like a necklace.
When in Malaga, Eat Churros

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Drink Sweet Wine from El Pimpi
Malaga is the largest producer of fruits. Relish the several fruits in ATARAZANAS - one of the famous markets.
Simply rent a Segway or a Bicycle to get a tour of the town. It will be a lifetime experience to include a hustling day of Malaga in your memory.
To your surprise, you will catch up many street artists and they give real artistic goals. Art is the heart of Malaga.
Don't forget your camera to save this beautiful place in a film.