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Things to do in Rwanda

Looking for things to do in Rwanda? Look no further! Here’s a list of activities you simply must do when visiting the Land of a Thousand Hills. I met so many wonderful people, and got to be totally immersed in nature.
Oma Nnorom May 13, 2020
Drink Coffee!!

Rwandan coffee is excellent and word renowned. For Coffee lovers visiting Rwanda and hoping to get the best of coffee beverage, there are so many coffee shops throughout the city of Kigali to visit!
Gorilla Trekking!!

In Rwanda, the mountain gorillas are at Volcanoes National Park on the north. The park borders the Congo, which means the gorillas actually can roam freely between Rwanda and the DRC.
Visit Lake Kivu
Lake Kivu is a gigantic lake on the northwest border of Rwanda.

Shared by the Congo, you can easily see it from Gisenyi, the area we stayed in at Lake Kivu.
It is the biggest body of water in Rwanda, and it is incredibly beautiful.
However, because the DRC poses a threat, they typically stay in Rwanda.
Visit the Memorial Center!!

Unfortunately, one of the things that Rwanda is best known for is the genocide that tore the country apart in 1994.
Since then, this country has healed tremendously and now there are many places that you can visit to remember what took place and see just how devastating it was.
Pfunda tea plantation!!

African Tea actually turned out to be my favorite drink in Rwanda! Especially when spiced with a bit of ginger.
This milky tea is so full of flavor and feels so nice going down! (I like to drink mine hot!)

It was really neat seeing where it came from! I saw the workers harvesting the Leafs.