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Things to do in the Snowy Mountains of Australia

Vinita Tahalramani Jan 29, 2024

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Being among the diverse landscapes of Australia, the place promises for a plenty of things to do.
Kosciuszko National Park
Owns a beautiful scenery and ecological system. You can feel the pure joy in catching the sunrise when surrounded by snowy peaks.
Kosciuszko Walk
The Thredbo to the summit is going to be a superb experience with this iconic walk. You can take a chair lift from Thredbo and post that there are a few inclines.
Mount Kosciuszko Hike
All ground set earlier, you need to take this hike as it is the highest in Australia and has epic views indeed.
Charlotte Pass
Closest to the Mount Kosciuszko, is the place for skii and is value for money. Make your bookings well in advance to avoid disappointment.
Jindabyne Lake
Picturesque is the word! Watersports or a mere walk you are going to enjoy every bit of the place.
Yarrangobilly Caves
One of the most beautiful caves, a part of tour not to be missed in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. The natural formations here are a treat for cave lovers.
This big town in the Snowy Mountains is postcard perfect place. Activities from hiking, skiing or just winter morning walks, all are worth the experience, of which bird watching is a must.
Thredbo Village
This exquisite place is nature's admiration. Snow sports and cross country trails on the mountain landscapes are among the many activities for the tourists.
Rich Flaura and Fauna
Wild, yet beautiful horses are found across Australia, but the best ones are found here in the Alpines.
These world's largest hopping animals are Australia's recognizable marsupials. You will find them here and there, and everywhere.
You will find this mammal in New South Wales. Since this creature is said to be declining fast, do not miss a chance to spot these.
Wild Flowers
Waratah, native to NSW, a rare wild flower is very impressive and is among some of the very magnificent wild flowers in Australia.

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Find your love for nature when in Snowy Mountains of Australia, NSW or indulge into some adventure sports, as the place is a must-visit before you die.