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Things to Do When You Visit San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende is a 500-year-old colonial city in Mexico. It boasts of both historical landmarks and modern trappings.
The city is known for baroque architecture, classy restaurants and exquisite artisan outlets. It is an art lovers' paradise and also has places which nature aficionados will enjoy.
The attraction boasts of a splendid collection of over 500 Mexican masks. Also on display are traditional dolls and indigenous textiles.
Visit Mask Museum
The masks were earlier used in Mexican traditional dances and festivals.
Here there are over 1000 handcrafted toys. The toys are displayed in 4 rooms.
Visit La Esquina Toy Museum
Here you will find dolls, piggy banks and toy musical instruments.
This adventure park has 7 zip-lines and a 110-meter long suspension bridge.
Head to San Miguel Parque de Aventuras
Other exciting things to do here are mountain biking and hiking.
This present art destination functioned as a textile mill till 1991. Today visitors can watch artists in action or participate in art classes.
Enjoy Art at Fábrica La Aurora
You can shop for furniture and jewelry. Admire the exquisite sculptures and paintings here.
The parish church is the city's main attraction. Its famous pink towers were designed by architect Zeferino Gutiérrez in 1880.
Pay Homage at Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel
During the day the church's changing colors and illuminations are a treat to watch.
The serene park boasts of pretty French-style gardens and play areas. It also hosts concerts and cultural events.
Relax at Juárez Park
Admire the beautiful water fountains and exquisite sculptures here.
It is a renowned archaeological site. Here visitors get a glimpse of Mexico's rich pre-Hispanic history.
Learn History at Cañada de la Virgen
The monuments here served to observe the sky. There are 4 complexes at the site, housing 7 pyramids.
This is the charming city's central plaza. It is a popular venue for meeting friends, gossiping and other social activities.
Hang Out at El Jardín
Street vendors sell food and musical performances take place. The plaza is the best place to feel the pulse of the city.
The popular attraction is Mexico's largest botanical garden and natural reserve. It boasts of many rare and endangered plant species.
Rendezvous with Nature at El Charco del Ingenio Jardín Botánico
Visit historical ruins and the interactive garden for children here. Watch the beautiful birds from picturesque vantage spots.
The best time to visit the city is November through April.
When to Visit
The city is 170 miles from Mexico City. Take a flight to Leon or Mexico City and then take a shuttle or bus to San Miguel.
How to get to San Miguel de Allende
In Mexico, its fairly easy to reach San Miguel. It's less than two hours from Léon and a three hour drive from Mexico City.

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