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Top 10 Things to See and Do in Chonburi, Thailand

An ideal Thailand destination for wanderlusts.
Sreedevi Nair
Thailand is brimming with amazing destinations and Chonburi region is one of the prominent places to visit in Thailand.

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This coastal region located in East of Thailand is an easy getaway from Thailand’s capital city - Bangkok.
Famous for its nightlife, serene wilderness, tranquil beaches and much more, a visit to Chonburi offers you a myriad of experiences on a Thai vacay.

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Check out these amazing places to see and fascinating activities to do in Chonburi, Thailand.

A haven of lush green landscapes, this sprawling botanical garden of 500 acres is one of the splendid things to see in Chonburi.
Nong Nooch Tropical Garden
Also known as the ‘Big Buddha Temple’, this Buddhist temple is an iconic landmark dominated by an 18-meter high Buddha statue perched on Pratumnak Hill.
Wat Phra Yai Temple
Pattaya is the second most popular destination in Thailand after Bangkok. Set within Chonburi region, Pattaya is where you should head to enjoy scenic tropical beaches and vibrant nightlife.
Pattaya Beaches and Nightlife
Another popular attraction  that stands out for its spectacular choreography and extravagance is the Alcazar Cabaret Show - an exquisite live performance that is guaranteed to impress its viewers.
Alcazar Cabaret Show
Perched on the shores of Laem Ratchawet, Sanctuary of Truth or Prasat Satchatham as the locals call it, is a grand temple structure carved entirely out of wood.
Sanctuary of Truth
Its intricately carved designs, motifs and sculptures are based on mythological stories of China, India and Thailand which are marvelous to view.
Adventure lovers, gear up for a thrilling ziplining adventure at Flight of Gibbon in Chonburi.
Flight of Gibbon
The whole experience is strategically planned with a series of zipline that lets you glide over verdant rainforests for a spectacular nature-cum-adventure experience.
See the world from a minuscule perspective at one place. At Mini Siam, you can visit various international landmarks as well as fascinating attractions of Thailand on a scale of 1 : 25.
Mini Siam

Explore Asia’s Grand Canyon at Chonburi

Carved out by quarrying activities, this spot has now transformed into a picturesque attraction with a tranquil reservoir meandering through jagged cliffs.
Grand Canyon of Chonburi
Tag your kids along, to Asia’s first-ever Cartoon Network Themepark and have a blast at various rides and attractions while taking a trip down nostalgia with your favorite Cartoon characters.
Cartoon Network Amazone Park
Find your own serene paradise at Koh Lan – a charming tropical island with gorgeous beaches, azure waters and sublime solitude to rejuvenate in nature’s beauty.
Kon Lan

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Visit Chonburi and witness the best of Thailand’s enticing nature and culture.