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Things to See and Do in Unalaska, Alaska

Aishwarya Swamy Nov 03, 2020
Unalaska is believed to have taken its name from the Russian word ‘Ounalashka’ meaning ‘near the peninsula’.
Let’s see some of the best, this seemingly remote Island has to offer.
What to Do in Unalaska?
Cruising by emerald green fjords, icebergs, cliffs and coves, is the best way to witness the exemplary coastal beauty of Unalaska.
1. Day Cruises
Brooks River Falls, Wolverine Creek and Katmai National Park are some places to go Bear viewing.
2. Bear Tours
Your experience will be more magical than ever, when you witness the majestic aurora borealis.
3. Witness the Northern Lights
There are many ways to experience the dramatic scale of Unalaska’s glaciers.
4. Glacier Tours
You can choose your tour type from flightseeing, hiking, ATV tours, to Jet skiing or rafting.
Halibut is one of the largest fish in the ocean and this festival holds a contest for its biggest catch.
5. Unalaska Halibut Derby
It is a great family festival, lined up with booths of local artists and businesses.
6. Heart of the Aleutians Festival
What to See in Unalaska?
With its last eruption in 1995, this active Volcano is also the highest peak of Unalaska.
1. Makushin Volcano
This place has abundant wildlife and you can spot humpback whales, sea lions, sea otters, and various sea birds.
2. Unalaska Bay
You can take a chartered boat, or a guided sea kayaking tour for the ultimate experience.
This beach is a local favorite with amazing views and a popular place to go fishing.
3. Front Beach
Two other good tourist spots, The Russian Orthodox Church and Memorial Park are within close proximity.
This historically significant spot had 250 servicemen posted here during World War II for its height provided a great strategic advantage.
4. Mount Ballyhoo
It has beautiful panoramic views of the Bering Sea and is an ideal spot for bird watching.
The Museum has interactive displays and videos based on the history of the Unangan people, natives of the Aleutian Islands.
5. Museum of the Aleutians
The coolest historic feature about this place are the Gun Mounts from 1942 when the Japanese bombed Dutch Harbour.
6. Bunker Hill
Surrounded by wonderful wildlife, it offers stunning views of Captains Bay, Amaknak Island, and Lliuliuk Harbour.