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10 Things you Didn't Know about Geneva, Switzerland

Interesting facts about Geneva that have remained unheard of...
Ronak Shah Nov 05, 2020
#1 Do you know about Jet d'eau?
Jet d'eau was originally a valve used to release water. However, people loved it so much that it now is a prominent symbol of the city.
#2 Sunrise Festival
August strikes on a different note in Geneva with a 360° of the lake at les Bains des Pâquis.
#3 Jean-Jacques Rousseau
The philosopher's birth place has been a place of sharing ideas and debates even today.
#4 Longest Wooden Bench
Built in 1767, the longest wooden bench has nearly 180 wooden board to view the Salève Mountain.
#5 Open-air Cinema
Come in your PJs and entertain yourselves under the canopy of stars.
#6 Harbinger of Chestnut
The first bud of the Chestnut tree in Promenade de la Treille marks the arrival of spring.
#7 Grab your Free Travel
Land at the airport and you are in for a free bus ride to the city. Get your free ticket near the exit doors.
#8 World Wide Web's Home
Tim Berners-Lee holds the credit of bringing the Internet into life in 1989 in Geneva.
#9 First Thing First
Heard of Swiss Watch? It was developed in Geneva by Patek Philippe in 1868.
#10 A Perfect Merger
Geneva stands testament to the union of the Swiss Alps and River Arve.