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Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Flamingo Island, Aruba

The idyllic, white beaches with clear blue water and a few flamingos standing in the middle of the waters - that's the scene you will witness at the Flamingo Beach in Aruba!
The Flamingo beach is actually on a private island, which is a separate one, off Aruba and is a part of the Renaissance resort.
Though the island is free for everyone to visit, only 20 tickets are sold per day for non-hotel guests!
The hotel has boats that ferry guests from the reception (located in Oranjestad) to the Renaissance island via a small canal!
Though the non-guests get passes, a day pass costs about $125 per person that includes ride and lunch with drinks!
Passes are sold online, at 7 am, a day before the actual visit. Passes sell out in no time, so keep trying from few days before visit, else you might miss out on witnessing the flamingos, in case you aren't staying at the hotel!
You can easily feed the flamingos here with just a few coins in handy! There is a machine at the entrance where you can buy food and feed them. It's one of a lifetime experience to be able to get so close to these birds !
There aren't a lot of birds at the beach - actually there are just 6 of them! However, as these birds are free-ranging birds, a few guest flamingos keep joining these resident birds from time to time.
So, the flamingo beach is an adult-only beach. Kids are allowed at the beach from 9-10 am and usually at this time, the beach is fully crowded!
There are over-the-water hammocks, sunbeds and other things to relax at the beautiful beach, that are available on rent if booked in advance!
You can have amazing refreshing cocktails at the Mangrove Beach Bar or try a few amazing dishes at the Papagayo Bar & Grill!
There's a secluded nature trail at the end of the beach that leads to the mangroves, which is the best way to explore the beach and take amazing photos of the palm trees and the beautiful sand!
There are water sports on offer at the beach - scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, or paddle boating, you can try your hand on any of these!
The best time of the year to visit this place is from April to May!

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