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Tips for Travel Bloggers to Keep Audience Engaged During Travel Ban

Vinita Tahalramani Jun 29, 2020
A travel ban was not something we ever thought of. Like many others, you too are sitting at home. See this as an opportunity and work on boosting organic traffic and user engagement of your blog.
Become a source of information, entertainment and inspiration to keep your audience engaged!
1. Live in the Present with Web Stories
Where maximum travel decisions are made on mobile phones these days, the stories format, being immersive and mobile-first, is making a mark on web readers.
Web Stories are Instagram-like stories that have the potential to rank on Google's 1st page.
Web Stories in the travel niche have already started featuring in a dedicated section on the 1st page of Google search results.
Make your presence count with this new format of storytelling and keep your audience engaged with your mesmerizing Stories.
2. Build Awareness About Travel
Answer the questions that are most relevant, like 'How to deal with flight cancellation?', 'How to travel safe?', 'Things to pack for post-covid travel', and the like.
3. Work on Re-marketing
Do not forget who was with you in the past. Re-connect to audience that was already engaged with you and has built loyalty in your brand.
4. Run Events and Contests
This can be done on your blog and social media both. Host activities like online quizzes and puzzles.
  • Tagging Contests: Tag a friend you wish to travel with after travel ban
  • Creative Contests: Travel photo contests
  • Video Contest: Guess the place in the video
5. Grab Attention with Content
Web Stories, being mobile-focused, fast-loading and visually engaging, can easily grab and hold user attention. So adopt this content format to write your travel blog posts.
6. Become the Audience’s Person
Research on what is trending among the people. The situation is no different from any, motivation and inspiration can be given through virtual videos.
Final Thoughts:
Rekindle hope in travel enthusiasts that the current scenario will soon change for the better. Share travel memories, old travel photos and trivia about interesting travel destinations. Focus on creating the best user experience.