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Tips for Traveling in the Post COVID-19 World

Shraboni Sen Kar Jul 1, 2020
Human is by nature a social animal. Still, we tried limiting ourselves to home, but we can't remain like this forever. In order to survive, we have to step out. We have to get social even if that means distancing.
Coronavirus busted all our travel plans. Though, much time has elapsed, but, the criticality of the disease has not faded even a bit. The outside world is unsafe till there is no antivirus available for the virus.
Waiting for everything to get better is not feasible amid this cloud of uncertainty. We have to step out, we have to travel. And if you are planning to travel in the post-covid world, you need to consider a few things very seriously.
Understand the Risks
Before getting into any plans, make sure you’re aware of the status of the coronavirus outbreak at the place you are planning to visit. Check with government sites, analyze the situation and then book your tickets.
Take the Test
After booking the tickets, the first thing in your to-do list is getting yourself tested for the virus. This test will ensure that you are not a carrier of the virus. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork.
Carry Your Medical History
This is to let the concerned authority know about your past illness, be it the coronavirus or any other disease. If not whole, at least get the medical history of last 3 to 6 months.
Get Your Travel History
The disease became a pandemic by traveling. That is why you need to present your travel history before boarding a flight. At various instances, travel history has proved beneficial in containing the coronavirus.
Opt for Travel Insurance
To be on the safer side, get a travel insurance. It can provide you a trip cancellation cover, travel inconveniences cover, medical expenses that arise while traveling, etc. Check with the different insurance policies.
Wrap up Yourself
With wrapping up, I mean cover yourself physically. There is no specific guideline for this, but if something ensures your safety, try it on. Masks, gloves, face shields, PPE kits are the various options to go for.
Carry Your Hygiene Kit
To ensure personal hygiene, carry disinfectant wipes, tissue paper and hand sanitizers. Also, make sure that your devices and documents are in polythene bags while passing through security checks.
Be Cautious
Coronavirus can survive on steel surfaces for upto 72 hours. So, take extra caution when using devices or touching surfaces that others have used too, such as ATMs, check-in machines, escalators and the like.
Use a generous amount of sanitizer whenever you touch any of these surfaces and be careful about touching your face.
Avoid Human Contact
Wherever possible, try to rely on technology. Get your boarding pass from the machine, pay using contact less options and try to maintain the six foot distance.
Quick-Wipe Your Surroundings
The airlines will follow sanitizing guidelines meant for them. But, just for your own satisfaction and as an extra precaution, wipe your surroundings.
Disinfect the back of the seat in front of you, the seat flap, the tray table, the arm rests, and all surfaces where infectious respiratory droplets can remain alive.
Follow the Guidelines
Maintain social distancing, avoid touching things or people, and try to stay away from crowds.
Wash or sanitize your hands regularly and don't use any belonging of other fellow-travelers. Make sure that you are in line with all precautionary measures to guarantee your safety while traveling.
Stay Home If You’re Sick
This is the most important point to consider. Above all, remember that while you are looking upon everyone as a threat, you also have the potential to be a threat for others. Therefore, be careful and stay safe!
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