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Tips for Visiting Koh Lipe Island in Thailand

Deepa Kartha Jul 29, 2020
Endowed with beautiful white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, surreal natural beauty and a laid back attitude, Thailand's Koh Lipe has the perfect recipe for a relaxing holiday.
Located in the southern province of Thailand, Koh Lipe is a small island, close to Thailand-Malaysia border. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Thailand without all its frills.
How to Reach
If you are visiting Koh Lipe during the peak holiday season, you would easily find ferry and speedboat services from Phi Phi Islands, Trang, Krabi Town, Koh Lanta, etc. During off-season, there is only one ferry service from Pakbara to Koh Lipe .
Best Time to Visit
High season in Kop Lipe is between November and May, while the peak season is between mid December to February end. The climate is perfect for a beach holiday during these months. However, it can get crowded during this season.
If you want to enjoy Koh Lipe sans the crowds, the low season between May to October would be great. However, several restaurants and hotels may remain closed during this season.
Where to Stay
As Koh Lipe has been gaining popularity amongst tourists, it is easy to find different kinds of accommodation on the island.
Right from modest but cosy bamboo and thatch bungalows to luxury four-star resorts, there is something for all budgets at Koh Lipe.
Most of the luxurious hotels and resorts are located on Sunrise Beach, whereas budget-friendly accommodation is available in and near Pattaya Beach.
How to Explore Koh Lipe
The best way to explore the Koh Lipe Island is on foot. The island is so small that it would not take more than an hour to explore the entire island on foot. It is also possible to hire a motorbike or a tuk-tuk, but these are limited.
Things to Do on Koh Lipe
Here are some interesting things that you can do on this beautiful island.
Visiting Beaches
The beaches are the main attraction of Koh Lipe Island. While there are several beaches on the island, the three most popular are the Sunrise Beach, the Sunset Beach and the Pattaya Beach.
Sunrise Beach: Situated in the eastern part of the island, Sunrise Beach is peaceful ad quiet and great for long walks and watching a breathtaking sunrise.
Sunset Beach: Located on the northern part of the island, this small beach is the place to visit to witness a gorgeous sunset while enjoying a drink at the bamboo-and-thatch restaurants.
Pattaya Beach: With 1 km of shoreline, this is the longest beach on the island. It is also one of the most happening places on the island, as a host of restaurants, hotels, bars and boutiques are available here.
Island Hopping
Rent a long tail boat or speed boat and explore some of the neighbouring islands of Koh Lipe. Koh Adang, Jabaang, Koh Yang, Koh Dong, Koh Hin Saun, Koh Pung, etc. are some of the islands worth visiting.
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
The clear turquoise waters of Koh Lipe make it the perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving.
Be it diving or snorkeling, you would get to explore a mesmerizing underwater world of filled with a variety of coral and colorful fish.
Enjoy your Koh Lipe Island by devouring the most delicious seafood and Thai food at the numerous restaurants on the island. For those who want to enjoy something different, you can easily find restaurants that serve Italian, Western, Indian, vegetarian and vegan cuisines on the island.
Enjoying the Nightlife
Although Koh Lipe is not a quintessential party island like the other islands of the country, you can still enjoy a decent nightlife with cool music, great cocktails and friendly vibes here.
Mia Luna, Longtail Bar, OMG Sports Bar & Restaurant, Boom Boom Bar, Mom's Tattoo Bar, etc. are some of the places to check out for a brilliant night scene.
There are no shopping malls on Koh Lipe Island, but if you want to buy local handicrafts and try local food, there is no better place than Walking Street for the same.
A 600-meter long street that stretches from Pattaya Beach to Sunset Beach, the Walking Street comes alive at night.
Koh Lipe is a delight for nature lovers and hence do not limit your visit to the beaches. While the beaches are splendid, a walk along the island is a great way to soak in the lush beauty of the place.
Walking Tour
Rent a kayak and enjoy a kayaking trip to the nearby islands. You are likely to find some marvelous beaches, where you can enjoy peace and tranquility.
A Thai holiday cannot be complete without indulging in a traditional Thai massage. You can get a relaxing massage right on the beach by one of the beach massage ladies. There are several massage places on the Walking Street as well.
Enjoying a Massage
Learn the ropes of fishing by accompanying a local fisherman on the waters of Koh Lipe.
If you want to enjoy breathtaking views of Koh Lipe and nearby islands, a visit to Koh Lipe View Point is a must. Located on the southwestern tip of the island, the hike to the highest point of the island is truly worth it.
Visiting Koh Lipe View Point