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Tips to Travel Paris on a Budget

Chaitrali Datar May 20, 2020
The Mecca of art, fashion, culture, gastronomy and beautiful sightseeing places, Paris is a dream come true for an avid traveler.
Gothic Architecture againstĀ  the backdrop of a 19th century scenery with quaint boulevards and the River SeineĀ  spells for a perfect holiday.
However the most beautiful city in the world is also the most expensive to travel, and that is a myth!
We give you top travel tips to explore the Fashion capital of the world in your budget.
The Flight Journey
The flights are cheaper to book from November to March. Book midweek flights rather than weekend ones.Book the tickets atleast 4 months in advance and save approx. 50% of your flight cost.
Paris Budget Hotels:
  • Generator Paris (on 10th Arrondisement rd)
  • In Canal Hotel (Bassin Villete rd)
  • Les Piaules (Belleville district)
  • Du Champ Mars (only 1 km from the Eiffel Tower!)
Price ranges from 23 euros to 90 euros.
Exploring Paris
Numerous picturesque locations, magnificent monuments to enthrall you, all in your budget! We give you the top saving hacks.
Do visit the Notre Dame, MontMartre, Latin Quarter and Marasis. You can explore these places on foot.
Visit them at night even better!
The picture says it all!
Rando Felo's FREE Bicycle city tours among the tourists are extremely popular. (Friday evening and third Sunday morning)
You can avail of a one-day Mobilis travel card for 7 Euros which can give you unlimited rides in Central Paris, a hub of tourism.
A boat ride at Bateaux Mouche priced at 10 Euros will showcase you the different landmarks in the city along with some amazing photos!
Famous gardens in Paris such as the Luxembourg, Garden of Tuileries, Place des Vosges and Belleville Garden can be visited free of cost!
You can also visit the famous National Museums in Paris, on the first Sunday of every month for free. For rest of the days, it has an entry fee.
A tour to the Eiffel is a must-visit! But avoid the excess queues along with the charges. More in the next...
You can have a view of the Eiffel Tower and the city from top of the Arc De Triomphe for a fee of 8 Euros!
Skip the expensive restaurants and bistros and have your meals at cafes and bakeries. To-go options are cheaper. Outdoor food markets are also decently priced.
The Flea Markets on Saturday, Sundays and Mondays are the best to buy souvenirs, antiques and other stuff.
Budget Tips at a Glance
  • At Place Du Terte, artists gather to display fine work of art for free.
  • You can visit the Chic Bar and enjoy the juke box and the drinks for 3 euros.
  • Enjoy Free Dancing on the Left Bank on Sundays.
  • Bands and musicians to solo violists can be seen performing at the Paris Metro station for free.