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Top Attractions in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

Catch the fierceness of nature here!
Vageesha Mishra Nov 24, 2020
Based in Uganda, the Murchison Falls National Park, 1952, is a fierce play of nature. Spread over river Nile, it is a sprawling wealth of wildlife reserves, falls and adrenaline pumping activities.
The falls throw a transfixing battle of the ferocious Nile forcing its way through a meagre 7m gap amidst jagged rocks. It splashes down with roars, giving people goosebumps!
Murchison Falls
Another attraction is to glide along the river Nile. The majestic boat safari covers top and bottom parts of the Murchison Falls. Rhinos, crocodiles, birds and other animals can be easily spotted basking in nature.
Boat Safari on Nile
Thrill-seekers leave the boat at the foot of Murchison Falls and hike all the way up to its top. Along the way, they are greeted with animal sightings and fierce beauty of nature.
Hiking to the Top
There are designated fishing spots in the park where visitors are allowed to catch fishes. The park is loaded with a wide variety of local, rare to exquisite fishes.
Sport Fishing
The boat safari going past the falls, rides down to Nile Delta, the point where the Nile meets with Lake Albert. It is a splendid birdwatching stretch boasting of rare birds like Shoebill Stork.
The exhilarating guided safari rides touch upon wildlife rich areas of the park as well as drive past hypnotic expanse of wilderness especially in the Buligi peninsula.
Wildlife Game Drives
Animal sighting differs as per the hour of the day. Game Drives usually pack some hours and throw splendid views of elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes and antelopes among others.
Close to the banks, Paraa in local language translates to, “home of hippos.” The wildlife reserve is also a hub of activities like boating, drives, balloon rides etc. Gift shops and luxury lodge are also available here.
Hiking through majestic and savanna rich forest trails is a must do here. Different forests host a variety of wildlife. For example, Rabongo Forest is ideal for rare herbs and bird-gazing.
Forest Hikes
Budongo Forest and Kaniyo-Pabidi Forest boast of over 400 chimpanzees and monkeys. Budongo is also a vibrant home of over 300 birds and diverse flora and fauna.
Hot air balloon safari is a major hit in the park. Flying across its Northern part, people can relish overviews of wildlife and stunning natural beauty.
Hot Air Balloon
Like Murchison Falls, Karuma Waterfall is also an exquisite work of nature. Sitting in the Northern part of the park, it boasts of wildlife and sport fishing as well.
Karuma Waterfall
The guided tours also offer walks amongst the local villages and establishments like the Boomu village. You can learn about their cultural heritage and even have overnight stays.
Village Walks