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Top Attractions to See in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Colombo Lotus Tower is South Asia's highest edifice. Though active as a TV Tower, the Lotus Tower also includes a restaurant, a discussion epicenter, and a shopping mall.
Lotus Tower, Colombo
National Museum of Colombo, also recognized as the Sri Lanka National Museum and is the biggest museum in Sri Lanka. It has artifacts that depict the ethnic tradition of the nation.
National Museum of Colombo
Viharamahadevi Park is a park situated in Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo. The park is abode to a huge, 15-foot-heighted Buddha statuette, the biggest cast brass Buddha statue in the nation.
Viharamahadevi Park
It is located in Dehiwala and established in 1936. Amongst the hoariest zoos in Asia, it hordes around 3,000 diverse range of animals.
National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's main beach resort town, Mount Lavinia is an exurbia of Colombo. Also called as Colombo's seashore haven, it is well-known for its "Golden Mile" of beaches.
Colonial hotel on Mount Lavinia Beach
The chief structure has total capacity of 1.5 million sq.ft. with 325,000 sq.ft. of display and community area and accommodates around 1,000 personnels. It depicts the nation's implausible innate past.
National Museum of Natural History
Gangaramaya Temple is amongst the most significant shrines in Colombo, Sri Lanka. A spot of devotion, it is also engaged in edification to societies about Buddhism.
Gangaramaya Temple
It is the idyllic spot for collaborative proceedings as it is located in the core of Colombo, with an extensive range of amenities. Events at the park comprise laser tag, a carousel, bumper cars, and a bounce house.
Excel World Entertainment Park
Galle Face is a sea flanked town park, which elongates 500 m beside the shore. You can stride in the water, eat al fresco on the coast or flutter a kite over the gust. All is fun!
Galle Face Green
This large, modern performing arts complex hosts a wide range of music, dance, and cultural performances.
Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre
It was recently renamed for the country's former president, Mahinda Rajapaksa. Like many other things in Sri Lanka, the design is intentionally reminiscent of a lotus flower.
Sri Lanka's premier and sole planetarium features lotus flower design with archetypal contemporary churches in Liverpool, England, and Brazil.
Sri Lanka Planetarium
Besides the displays and indoctrination, the assembly itself is architecturally remarkable!

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