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Top Attractions to Visit in La Paz, Bolivia

Megha Dahake Nov 06, 2020
San Francisco is the town’s chief borough plaza. It is located in the old city, and surrounded by the north by Perez Velasco lane, which is small section of La Paz's route.
Plaza San Francisco
Constructed in the middle of the 16th and 18th centuries, the San Francisco Basilica is La Paz’ Catholic church. It is situated in the heart of the town and is upheld by Francis of Assisi.
Basilica de San Francisco
Baffling, wild, endowing and entertaining is how one can refer to Cholita Wrestling which is a bizarre sport.
Cholita Wrestling
Hardy Aymara native women bracket together and bump in the ring and tug off a death challenging display of WWE enthused theatrics in front of a boisterous throng.
It is a midair shackle car system treating the La Paz–El Alto city in Bolivia. The rising cable car strokes as the lengthiest cable car structure across the globe.
A dynamic plaza and a domicile to the Government Palace, the House of Congress, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Municipal Government House, Plaza Murillo is the most significant political spot in the nation.
Plaza Murillo
Situated over a sharp knoll near Villa Pabon rests one of La Paz’s most striking viewpoints, Mirador Killi Killi. It proffers brilliant vistas of the complete epicenter in a serene and soothing site.
Mirador Kili Kili
Ever tried Spiderman hacks under guided supervision? Urban Rush makes this mission possible by means of the abseil seated method and face first method called as Rap Jumping, so that you can encounter your dreads and vigor your bounds!
Urban Rush
Mercado 16 de Julio
La Paz, Bolivia’s capital is a lovely spot and domicile to bazaars where you can steal a deal by indulging into amazing bargains.
Located 10 km from downtown La Paz is an inimitable zone including lunar sceneries and peculiar ecological developments. It rests exterior to the town perimeters and is an incredible charm also dubbed as Valley of the Moon.
Valle de la Luna
Catch the stunning views La Paz from Mirador Laikakota which is a lookout point with picturesque sights of the town hub.
Mirador Laikacota
Laika means enchantress and Kota means lake, so put up together it means “Laikacota” an enchanted lake.