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Top 10 Museums in Amsterdam

Prabhakar Pillai Dec 03, 2020
Amsterdam is a world famous cosmopolitan city of the Netherlands. Among its attractions are some amazing museums.
1. Hermitage Museum
On display here are items from St. Petersburg's internationally renowned Hermitage Museum.
The popular museum has been functioning since 2009. Here, there is a permanent exhibition devoted to the relationship between the Netherlands and Russia.
2. National Maritime Museum
There is a frigate here which is a must-visit.
Over 500 years of this country's rich naval history is traced via over 400,000 items. The attraction is atop an artificial island on Amsterdam Harbor.
3. The Museum of Bags and Purses
The museum is within a 17th century canal house.
The attraction boasts of the planet's most extensive collection of purses and bags. On display are over 5000 beautiful items.
4. The Biblical Museum
The popular museum recounts the Bible's story.
On display are a splendid collection of exquisite Egyptian artifacts. The attraction also contains umpteen centuries-old Bibles.
5. Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum
Did you know that this bustling city was the planet's original pot capital?
The attraction has been operational since 1985 and contains around 6,000 cannabis-related items. On display are painting of this city's original smokehouses.
6. Van Gogh Museum
The museum boasts of the planet's most extensive collection of authentic Vincent van Gogh paintings.
In 2017, this was the most-visited museum in the country with a footfall of 2.3 million people. The stellar collection includes umpteen self-portraits as well as some of the artist's best-known pieces such as 'Sunflower'(1889).
7. Rijksmuseum
The attraction boasts of being the largest art museum of this country.
The famous museum depicts Dutch History via a collection of a million items. On display here are 2,000 paintings from the Netherlands's Golden Age.
8. Anne Franke House
The attraction is definitely one of the city's most popular museums.
The exhibits here offer a fascinating glimpse of the Frank family's life prior to being captured by the Nazis in 1944. A must-visit is the tiny secret room where the family concealed themselves.
9. The Amsterdam Museum
This is indeed the best museum to learn Amsterdam's rich and eventful history.
The famous attraction is functioning since 1926. It depicts Dutch history and the life of famous Dutch personalities via a series of interactive exhibits.
10. Rembrandt House Museum
The popular attraction is housed in the residence of Rembrandt van Rijn.
On display are quite a few of Rembrandt's personal artifacts. The museum boasts of the works of the famous personality as well as his pupils and contemporaries.