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Top 10 Museums to Visit in Toronto

Aishwarya Swamy
Toronto, the capital of Ontario, stands up to its reputation as one of the most diverse cities of Canada, through the wide variety of museums that it has to offer.
Let’s take a look at some of the best Museums in Toronto, Canada!
Royal Ontario Museum
One of the largest museums in North America, it is visited by over a million people each year. The gallery showcases artwork depicting world culture and natural history.
Art Gallery of Ontario
Their museum collection comprises of around 95,000 designs ranging from ‘Cutting-Edge Contemporary’ and the ‘European Era’ to the ‘Western and Central African Art’ etc.
Aga Khan Museum
Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan gathered art from across the world that forms the core of the permanent collection of this museum.
The permanent collection includes calligraphy, ceramics and rare luxury objects.
Ryerson Image Centre
The centre is rich in artwork produced by female photographers, like Bernice Abbott, recognized for her portraits & landscapes and Jo Spence who contributed to social change via her art.
Designed by architect Raymond Moriyama this unique award winning shoe museum was built on the personal collection of Sonja Bata, a business woman and travel enthusiast who collected numerous pairs of footwear.
Bata Shoe Museum
A gothic revival style mansion constructed by renowned businessman Sir Henry Pellatt in medieval style decor, has Canadian treasures, artworks, gardens, and the hidden tunnels that attract visitors the most.
Casa Loma
Textile Museum of Canada
This museum exhibits diverse creations from contemporary artists from around the globe, with over 15,000 pieces comprising its collection and has a presence even on the digital platform.
Hockey Hall of Fame
The museum is based on the history of ice-hockey, spanning over 65,000 square feet.
It showcases artifacts, trophies, other memorabilia and fun interactive mediums that put the sport to life and you in middle of the action.
Museum of Illusions
This museum is suitable for all age groups, with 80 mind blowing attractions that will help you learn more about science, in the most fun and entertaining way.
MZTV Museum Of Television
The museum has a collection of televisions dating between 1920’s to 1970’s. With over 10,000 items, the museum tells the story of Television and its relationship with the viewers.