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Top Places to Explore in Mountain View, California

Chaitrali Datar May 12, 2020
One of the finest places to visit in CA, it is the ideal tourist destination to shop,dine,travel around and relax.

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Located in Santa Clara County, is the quaint and beautiful city of Mountain View. It is famous for its views of the Santa Cruz mountains along with it being home to various top US companies.
There are parks and trails for outdoor enthusiasts with natural beauty and interesting tourist attractions to explore with a modern city backdrop.
Top Places to Explore in Mountain View
- Stevens Creek Trail
- Computer History Museum
- Shoreline Lake Boathouse
- MV Center for Performing Arts
- Mountain View Farmers Market
- The Picchetti Winery
Steven's Creek Trail

This trail begins at the Shoreline Park and ends at Dale Avenue.
It has a rich wildlife and well-known for various species of birds and activities such as walking, cycling and jogging.
Computer History Museum

Located on the North Bay shore District, it is a technology museum which adults and kids will enjoy alike. 
This museum was established in the year 1996 in MV, California. It has various exhibits of different artifacts and tells us about the evolution of the computer era.
Shoreline Lake Boathouse

The Shoreline Lake is a 50 acre salt-water man-made lake which is an ideal picnic spot to enjoy with the family.
One the most scenic spots in California, it is home to a large 750 acre lawn where you can walk, jog or cycle and soak in the nature. Also it has a wildlife sanctuary and is home to several migaratory birds.
MV Center for Performing Arts
The MV Center for Performing Arts is owned by the City of Mountain View and hosts a variety of events. It conducts world class theater, dance and music shows along with art exhibits.
The Mountain View Farmers Market

80+ farmers with fresh stock of fruits and vegetables direct from the farms! You surely do not want to miss this one!
The Farmers Market is located in Downtown Mountain view and is a great place for shopping, walks and quaint coffeehouses. It has got a perfect space for parking your car and exploring in and around the area.
The Picchetti Winery

One of the oldest wineries in CA, it is located on a short drive from the Silicon Valley. It is extremely well-known for its quality wines.
What's more , there are beautiful terrains in the vicinity for a short hike to enjoy the nature while sipping that glass of wine.
Mountain View is a perfect place to explore as it enjoys clear skies for most time of the year and moderate day-time temperatures. It is also one of the safest places to visit as a tourist.