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Top Places to Visit in Evora, Portugal

Abhishek Velankar May 19, 2020
Filled with ruins from the Neolithic Age to the Roman rule, the Evora is a city rich in heritage, an Archaeological marvel. Evora is also known for its wineries.
Templo Romano Évora is a Roman Temple built in the 1st century that is now in ruins, but is still worth visiting to marvel at the construction of the time.
Almendres Cromlech is a monument where stones built as back as 6000 BC  stand in two circles. These stones bear inscriptions and the overall experience is like that of visiting Stonehenge.
The Museum of Evora has various archaeological artifacts and religious paintings pertaining to the Roman era.
The Cathedral of Evora is very large with great architecture. The roof also affords great views of the city.
The Walls of Evora surround the city. These walls are very large and imposing and have been well-maintained.
Aqueduto da Água de Prata is an aqueduct originally designed to provide water for people in the region. Like The Walls it is well preserved and showcases the Romans' ingenuity.
Evora houses a very curious chapel. Capela dos Ossos is a chapel lined on the inside with human bodies and skulls of monks. Perhaps designed by the most morbid interior designer of all time.
Dona Dorinda is a winery located on a picturesque farm. Guides demonstrate the making of wine, which tastes unique.
Casa Relvas is another winery worth visiting and is one of the largest in Europe, they make very tasty wine. They also provide camping on their grounds.