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Top Rated Places to Visit in Bolivia

A land that will leave you stunned!
Vageesha Mishra Nov 07, 2020
The South American country of Bolivia is full of off-beaten tracks, beautiful pristine wilderness, diverse cultures and unique vacationing destinations that will leave you awe-struck.
Nestled in a valley, Bolivia’s popular city has pretty scenery, upscale markets, jaw-dropping cable rides, exotic beauty of Cordillera Real mountain range and many weekend gateaways.
La Paz
It may look like a glacier or a mirror after a rain but it is world’s largest flat bed of salt. Nearly 10,000 km long, this mystic wonder is said to have come off a dried up pre-historic lake.
Salar De Uyuni
Amongst many captivating parks, there is world-famous Madidi National Park in Amazon basin with rare wildlife. Toro Toro National Park throws Dinosaur footprints and thrilling canyons.
National Parks
The secluded Sajama National Park is a bounty of unspoiled beauty with Volcanic climbs, llamas and alpacas while Eduaro Avaroa National Reserve has enchanting lagoons and rock formations.
The UNESCO listed capital city was crucial in Bolivia’s independence. 16th century religious buildings, white hued colonial architecture and regal vibes would revive your spirits here.
Ensconced high in the hills, breathtaking islands around, ruins, mystic feel and with the sacred islands of the Sun and the Moon, it is a definite must visit. Also believed to be the origin land of Incas.
Lake Titicaca
Considered as the world’s most dangerous road, it is a mountain bikers’ hub and connects cities passing through the dense Amazon rainforest. The elevation gets over 14,000 feet at one point!
Yungas Road/Death Road
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Potosi was popular for silver-rich Cerro Rico Mountain mines in the colonial era. Mines, old architecture, churches and museums have tourists flocking to Potosi.
Travelers head to the city of Oruro to soak up in the traditional festivities of its annual carnival engulfed in folklores, enormous scale processions and thousands of performers.
The cosmopolitan city is for clubs and happening nightlife. Beach sports, exotic sandy beaches, splendid sceneries, upscale markets and sloth inhabited parks are a hit here.
Santa Cruz
Sitting close to the Lake Titicaca, the Inca Empire town houses ancient sculptures and stony monuments. Mesmerizing megalithic blocks draw tourists in large numbers.
Close proximity to Argentina has added colors to Tarija’s culture. With fine dines, beautiful architecture, Paleontology Museum, clubbing range, and gorgeous vineyards, it is a must visit.
The list of charming Bolivian cities is exhaustive as most of them are blessed with raw beauty and calmness. Some more must visits include Cochabamba, Coroico and Rurrenabaque.
Pretty cities