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Top 8 Tourist Attractions in Istanbul, Turkey

Shantanu Godase
Istanbul is one of the greatest metropolises in the world and a beautiful tourist destination in Turkey. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Istanbul to explore beauty at the best and to have a good time with their family and friends.

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The city is modern yet backed by its glorious past and the various tourist attractions of Istanbul are proof of the same.
From a wonderful dining experience to beautiful monuments, markets, churches, and many other places – Istanbul has a lot to offer. Listed here are the best tourist attractions in Istanbul, Turkey.
Hagia Sophia
Once a church, this place was then converted into a mosque after being conquered by the Ottoman armies. The interiors of this place are beautiful.
This mosque is the living example of the wealth and technical ability with which it had been constructed. Your visit to Hagia Sophia should be a must.
Basilica Cistern
This is one of the most surprising tourist attractions in Istanbul. The place seems like a gigantic underground hall and is supported by 336 columns in 12 rows.
It once stored the water supply for the Byzantine kings. These structures were later modified into decorative carvings. The Medusa Stones happen to be the most popular column among all.
Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Also known as The Blue Mosque, it is a famous tourist spot in Istanbul. Built during the Ottoman era, this mosque has 13 domes and 6 minarets!
You can visit at night time as well because it can make your experience even better. The lights flashed on its domes and minarets make this mosque worth a visit.
This famous monument of Istanbul is where different types of scenes and games were hosted during the Byzantine empire. It was a lively place back then.
Today, there is not a lot of this place to witness, however, the tiny section of the gallery walls try to take you back to the glorious history of the ancient Istanbul.
Istanbul Archaeology Museum
This is the place to be in for all the history and art lovers. This museum brings together everything that the country has witnessed ever since its inception.
There are separate sections in each complex and each of them is worth your time and attention. You will end up learning a lot about the history of Istanbul here.
Grand Bazaar
You will never have a better shopping experience than in Grand Bazaar. This is the liveliest market of Istanbul from where you can shop for anything and everything.
This market comes to life at night. It takes up the whole city quarter. The shops and stalls of this market sell beautiful Turkish artifacts and souvenirs.
Spice Bazaar
If you are a foodie at heart, your visit to the Spice Bazaar of Istanbul is a must. This place is a hub of nuts, herbs, dried fruits, spices, and a lot more. Your visit to the Spice Bazaar is certainly one of the most popular things to do in Istanbul.
Dolmabahce Palace
Witness richness and royalty at its best by visiting this ornate palace that has an influence of European architecture and décor on the Ottoman Empire.
This palace is a one-of-a-kind place and a must-visit tourist spot in Istanbul. There are lush green gardens, regal basins, flower beds on the outside.
The inside is full of crystal chandeliers, golden decoration, and French-themed furniture.
Istanbul is a beautiful tourist destination that collects the best tourist spots for visitors of all rounds. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling solo or with family, you are surely going to have a good time here.