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Top Weekend Getaways from San Francisco

Unwind amidst the nature!
There are many captivating weekend gateways just a few hours away from San Francisco. They are perfect for a short soul-soothing experience.
Mendocino, a town in Northern California, boasts of a terrific coastline. Ocean fronted resorts and scrumptious local cuisines pack a perfect sun-soaked weekend.
The town also offers many stunning beaches with eye-warming views, gardens, wineries, and peace inducing strolls under starry nights.
Big Sur is a part of central Californian coastline. Jaw-dropping beaches, rugged mountains, hiking trails and stunning redwoods make it a much-loved destination.
Big Sur
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is considered a must visit. Beachside resorts and those rested atop cliffs throw breathtaking views and laid-back vibes.
Yosemite National Park based on Sierra range of Central California, is a hiking wonder for adrenaline junkies. It has verdant slopes, waterfalls, rock formations and lakes.
Swim about or a have picnic by the lake in the Yosemite Valley amidst unbelievable beauty. Must visits include a Glacier Point and Half Dome hikes.
A quaint town with a vibrant history and a hub for art lovers. Once a cannery town, today it is known for the Monterey Bay Aquarium among other sea-based attractions.
Neighboring Monterey, Carmel is a heaven for art lovers. Wineries, plush beaches and awe-inspiring architecture by many artists lend it both a coziness and grandeur.
Very close to San Francisco, Napa is loaded with luxurious stays, relaxing experiences and mouthwatering delicacies.
Sunny vineyards mark major attraction. Riding the Napa Valley Wine Train or a hot air balloon throwing the splendid vineyard overview could be a spellbinding experience.
Laze around in extravagant comforts and get transfixed by the hypnotic Lake Tahoe, ensconced in the Sierra Nevada.
Lake Tahoe
A range of outdoor activities are also offered. Dreamy boat rides and drives around the lake are a must. In winters, the area turns into a skiing hub.
Perhaps closest gateway to San Francisco. Drive down the Golden Gate Bridge catching iconic sceneries or board a ferry to Sausalito.
Sit back in scenic beauty, gorging on seafood or hike your stress away in the nearby redwoods. Drop by the iconic Point Bonita Lighthouse, The Marine Mammal Center and houseboats.
In the Sonoma County exists Bodega Bay. It is renowned for surfing, beach hopping, seafood munching and enchanting horseback ride amidst nature.
Bodega Bay
Like Yosemite, they are another treasure trove of mounting rock formation, meandering lakes, sky reaching trees and wildlife wonders.
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
They are all seated amidst the majestic Sierra range, which makes them a popular choice for many adrenaline junkies. Just keep your hiking boots handy!

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