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Top 10 Attractions in Funchal, Portugal

Prabhakar Pillai May 12, 2020
Funchal is the capital city of Madeira, Portugal. Popular attractions here include Funchal Cathedral, Monte Palace, Madeira Botanical Garden and CR7 Museum.
CR7 Museum

 This famous museum honors Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably Madeira's best ever football player. The museum boasts of life-size statues, trophies and memorabilia of the football legend.
Funchal Cathedral

 The 16th century cathedral's architecture is a mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles. The main altar has 12 Gothic panels portraying the Life of the Virgin as well as the Passion of Christ.
Mercado dos Lavradores

 The popular attraction is the island's largest and best market. It is famous for its wide variety of seafood, flowers as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.
Madeira Botanical Garden

 Open to visitors since 1960, the famous tourist attraction is one of the prettiest gardens in the region. Featuring rich and diverse sub-tropical flora, the garden also offers stunning views across Funchal bay.
Madeira Story Centre

 This contemporary museum reveals Madeira's glorious history and vibrant culture. Here cutting edge multimedia technology and special smell boxes engage and entertain visitors.
Monte Cable Car

 Passengers get to enjoy the spectacular view of Funchal bay and the surrounding landscape. The cable car transports people from the old area of Funchal to Monte in roughly 15 minutes.
Blandy's Wine Lodge

 The family owned business has been making the best quality and famous Madeira Wines for over 200 years. Visitors get to observe the wine production process as well as taste the wine.
Pico do Ariero

 The 1818 metre tall attraction is Madeira's 3rd highest peak. It is approachable by car and visitors on the summit can get to see Porto Santo, an island 30 miles away.
Rua Santa Maria

 The old charming and vibrant street is a popular shopping and dining destination. A must-see here are the brightly colored attractive doors.
Praia Formosa

 Tourists can enjoy a large pebbled beach and three small sandy beaches here. The place boasts of vibrant nightlife, different contests and sports activities.