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Top 10 South Australia Facts

South Australia, abbreviated as SA, is a state in the southern central part of Australia with its capital in Adelaide city. Let's take a look at the top 10 South Australia facts.
Dhanashree Khadke Jul 27, 2020
Fact #1 Population
The population of South Australia is 1.7 million which is almost 7% of the total Australian population.
Fact #2 Language
English, Italian, Greek, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Persian/Dari are the top six languages spoken in South Australia.
Fact #3 Festival State
South Australia is popularly known as the 'Festival State' as art, tradition, and culture are well-preserved and embraced here.
Throughout the year multiple events are organized here like Adelaide Festival, Feast Festival, Cabaret Festival, the Adelaide Film Festival, WOMADelaide world music festival, etc. which make South Australia a special attraction for artists across the globe.
Fact #4 Lake Eyre - A Great Salt Lake
Lake Eyre is the largest salt lake in Australia. Though it is full of water supplied from freshwater rivers, the taste of the water is saltier than seawater!
Fact #5 Australia's Wine Capital!
South Australia consists of 18 wine regions and around 200 cellar doors, which makes it one of the favorite destinations for connoisseurs of wine! Every year half of Australia's wine volume is produced in South Australia!
Fact #6 The World’s Opal Capital
Coober Pedy, located in South Australia is the biggest opal-producing region in the world.
This town is also popular for its underground homes, called 'dugouts' that relieve the residents from scorching daytime temperature.
Fact #7 Kangaroo Island - a Delightful Slice of South Australia
Kangaroo Island, which is also popularly known as 'zoo without fences' is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. It consists of more than 250 beautiful bird species and various native animals.
Fact #8 National Motor Museum
The National Motor Museum at Birdwood town of South Australia has a magnificent collection of more than 300 vintage motorcycles and cars.
Fact #9 Home to Giant Pandas
The Adelaide Zoo of South Australia houses a pair of breeding Giant pandas named Wang Wang and Fu Ni. They are the only giant pandas existing in the southern hemisphere.
Fact #10 World’s Largest Cattle Station
Anna Creek Station, located near the town of Coober Pedy, is the world’s largest working cattle station, holding around 6 million acres of land. The size of Anna Creek Station is larger than the country of Israel!