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Top 10 Things to Do in Prague, Czech Republic

Prabhakar Pillai May 20, 2020
Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. It boasts of several historical and cultural attractions.
The city has a vibrant night life and has many outstanding shopping and dining destinations. The bustling European city has over a thousand years of eventful history. Prague is home to several world-class museums and attracts tourists from all across the world.
Gallery of Steel Figures

 The attraction boasts of around 100 handmade metal sculptures created using recycled scrap metal such as nuts, bolts and others. The figures are inspired by characters from science-fiction films, cartoons, famous personalities, animals and more.
Prague Zoo

 The major attraction is rated as one of the best zoos in the world and draws over one million tourists annually. Kids can even pet and feed some of the animals here.
Important sites to visit here include the Valley of the Elephants, the Africa House as well as the Indonesia jungle. The Zoo is home to over 4000 animals belonging to over 650 species of which a significant number come under the threatened status.
Go Shopping at the Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market at Naplavka is rated as the best and most popular. Open every Saturday, the market offers seasonal fruits and vegetables, goat, cow and sheep cheeses as well as handmade items including soap and pottery.
Climb Petrin Hill

 The hill is a popular recreational area for the locals. It is regarded as one of the greenest places in the city. At the summit, there are beautiful landscaped gardens as well as a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower.
Explore Prague Castle

 It is by far the city's most popular attraction. Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle complex in the world.
A must-see are its museums, galleries as well as historic buildings. The changing of guards here is a much watched event.
Walk Across the Charles Bridge

 The structure has the distinction of being Prague's oldest surviving bridge. It connects Old Prague Center to Mala Strana. The famous bridge features thirty Baroque-style statues as well as statuaries.
Wenceslas Square

 In December, the place hosts Prague's largest Christmas Market. Both celebrations and demonstrations take place in this important public space. Some of Prague's top dining and shopping areas are here.
The Astronomical Clock

 Each hour in Prague, visitors assemble below the Old Town Hall Tower to view the Astronomical Clock working. The clock dates back to the 15th century and displays a unique visualization of time.
Pay Homage at the Lennon Wall

 This symbol of rebellion came to being, following the death in 1980 of John Lennon who belonged to the famous Beatles band. Some Czech youth painted Lennon's image, song lyrics as well as graffiti on a wall opposite the French embassy.
Zizkov Television Tower

 The tall structure is one of the city's modern icons. Its observation deck provides spectacular views of Prague. The tower is adorned with ten fibre glass sculptures that are known as Mimminka.