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Top 6 Places to Visit in Maldives

Here are some beautiful places to visit  in Maldives! While discovering different places, get some extra knowledge too!
Shourya Autade
1. Nilandhoo Atoll
Nilandhoo is the capital of Faafu Atoll. It is the largest and most populated region in this Atoll.
What is An Atoll?
Atoll is an oval-shaped reef or island surrounding an area. It takes millions of years for an atoll to build up.
2. Hulhumale Beach
The Hulhumale island is located in the south of The North Male Atoll. 
Surrounded with beautiful trees, this beach is the most popular and one of the best beaches in Maldives.
3. Cocoa Island
Cocoa Island is located in the South Male Atoll. It has private house reefs where you can explore sea-life while staying.
4. Veligandu Island Beach
The Veligandu Beach surrounds the Veligandu Island. This island has a beautiful "sandbank" located inside it. The night sky here is clear with bright stars.
What is A Sandbank?
A sandbank is an island made of sand from a sea or river.
5. Fulhadhoo Beach
The beautiful islands of Fulhadhoo are located in the Baa Atoll. You will find a small village of about 250 people on this island.
6. Vabbinfaru Island Beach 
The Vabbinfaru Beach is located in North Male Atoll. It has plenty of beach space, and is indeed beautiful.
Maldives is known as the most beautiful island(s) in the world!
What is Maldives Known for?
Maldives is known for its crystal clear water, clean air and the beauty of its beaches, in other words; its Natural Environment!!