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Top 9 Cities to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia owns a huge and wide cultural fame, and has been a mixed economy with some of the major cities.
Vinita Tahalramani
Indonesia always had many stories to tell through its places. Today, I choose to share with you some unsaid and new stories of Indonesia with its age old developed cities, giving all the reasons to pay visit to these.
Standing tall with its National Monument, Jakarta the Capital city of Indonesia is the economic, cultural and political center.
This dramatic roundabout has its story of hospitability from 1960s which still holds welcoming you to the city. Don't forget your Insta-worthy pictures here.
Welcome Statue in Jakarta
A well-balanced town in Bali boasts of intricately designed Ubud Royal Palace and many such architectural artworks.
Yes, this is that famous Bali swing which is now reel-ofied by every photographer.
So, this again tops the list of influencers like us with varied reasons of having beautiful resorts by the beach.
The nightlife here is the most celebrated time of the day, but the place is paradise for the one who loves to admire the sunset by the beach.
The temple Borobudur is the main highlight of this city with rich cultural heritage.
Borobudur is the world's largest Buddhist temple. One of the reasons to have this city in your bucket list.
Did You Know?
Prambanan, the largest Hindu Temple in Indonesia celebrates Hindu mythology with Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesha (Shiva) as its deities.
A perfect blend of beautiful scenery and architecture.
Masjid Raya Al Jabbar makes its mark and is proudly named as Al Jabbar Floating Mosque.
Open to the world in December 2022!
Holding the Lembang's beauty to city vibes, Bandung grabs all the attention with its uniqueness.
The easiest and the reliable way of commute in Bandung.
Sura meaning shark, Baya meaning crocodile, and you got it now, this beautiful symbolic statue is of Surabaya.
A unique structure having its religious significance. It is said that the mosque is build inside a Buddhist temple. Isn't that interesting!
Cheng Hoo Mosque
The city of rich culture, Makassar is famous for its traditional cuisine. The city now hosts tourists for the recently opened (2022) 99 Domes Mosque. A site to behold it is!.
Losari Beach which showcases the cultural heritage of Makassar through statues is a not to miss place.
Losari Beach
Art is the word with Jayapura. Yes, the beautiful rug painting you see is from Jayapura where designs vary from places of the city celebrating the heritage to just beautiful patterns.
A tourist place to visit which shows no disappointment with its floating village experience.
Youtefa Bridge
With this comes an end to some new stories of cities in Indonesia.