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Unmissable Day Trips From Prague You Must Take

Maya Pillai
Prague is the capital of Czech Republic that has castles, charming cities of historical interest and other places of interest.
Since it's located at the heart of Eastern Europe, Prague is base for those visitors who want to travel to Austria or Switzerland.

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Here, we have made a list of the places you can visit in your next stay in Prague.
České Budějovice
It is the largest city in south Bohemia. The 16th Century Black Tower is an iconic landmark in this city.
The city is home to Budvar beer. Take a tour in the brewery to learn how the beer is brewed.
Kutna Hora
Kutna Hora is famous for the Chapel of Bones that houses the skeletal remains of 70,000 people.
When in Kutna Hora, make time to visit Sankturin House and Hrádek Castle.
Český Krumlov
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is a magnificent place that provides a fairy tale setting.
This 13th century castle has impressive gardens spread over 11 hectares of land. You can notice the influences of gothic and baroque architecture here.
Karlovy Vary
This is a popular spa town because it has many curative hot springs. Carry your swimming gear when heading out to this town.
Stroll through the 14th century buildings that include St Peter and Paul Cathedral to catch the glimpse of the Bohemian history and architecture.
Bohemian Switzerland National Park
This park is not in Switzerland but very much in Czech. You need to catch a train to Decin from Prague to visit this picturesque park.
There are hiking trails that can be completed well under a couple of hours. Some of the hiking trails take several hours to complete.
Koněprusy Caves
The longest cave system in Bohemia, Koněprusy Caves is located in Cesky Kras. The caves are well lit. Take time out to enjoy the Roses of Koněprusy in this cave complex.
A visit to Prague would not be complete without a day trip to Pilsen.
Enjoy the picturesque Czech countryside, take a tour of Ruckle Crystal factory and don't miss out on Pilsner Urquell Brewery, where the world famous Pilsner lager is brewed.

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Český Ráj
An amazing park with rugged landscape of enchanting rock formations. Plan a day to go hiking here to see the incredible landscapes and experience Czech culture and rural life.
The culture capital of Europe is accessible by train from Prague.
St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and Schönbruun Palace are some of the places of interest that you would be interested in visiting while you are in Vienna.
Cross over to Dresden, Germany to catch the glimpse of the ancient architecture.
Dresden castle, now a museum, is a tourist hot spot. Art lovers must take time to explore Zwinger. Zwinger houses the masterpieces of the artists such as Raphael.
Prague is strategically located and that makes it easy for the tourists to travel to many other European cities. Train is the best mode of transport from Prague to the other European cities.