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Visit Alberobello Puglia – The Ancient Town of Trulli in Italy

Dhvani Dedhia May 9, 2020
Since the year 1996, the trulli in the town of Alberobello have been designated under the protection of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Let’s find out why.
Trulli (Plural form of Trullo) comes from the Greek word ‘Tholos’, which refers to a circular building with a conical roof.
Trulli are traditional dwellings found in the ancient town of Alberobello in the Puglia region of Southern Italy.
They are short, white colored structures with dome rooftop made from local stone.
Trulli were built using only dry stones like limestone without any sort of mortar or cement to construct them.
This made sure that a Trullo could be dismantled easily and quickly with fewer efforts.
There is an interesting reason why the inhabitants chose to build such primitive residence.
In order to avoid paying taxes levied upon by the kingdom of Naples, the Count ordered the peasants to build houses that could be easily demolished before the tax collectors arrival.
Even though the region of Puglia is not as well-known as the northern regions of Italy, the architectural uniqueness of the Trulli puts Alberobello on the tourist map!
Best Ways to Explore Alberobello
The Trulli in Alberobello are mainly found in two districts. Rione Monti and Rione Aia Piccola.
Monti consists of 1,030 Trulli, most of which are converted into souvenir shops, restaurants, resorts or museums.
Due to its commercial value, it attracts more tourist crowd than Aia Piccola
Rione Monti
Aia Piccola is a smaller, more quaint district with 590 Trulli; it is a lesser visited district by the tourists as most of the Trulli here are still occupied by the local residents.
Rione Aia Piccola
In 1923, Trullo Sovrano was declared as a National Monument for being the only existing trullo built of two floors, making it an architectural genius. Built somewhere in the 18th century, trullo Sovrano is now a museum showcasing its original structure.
Trullo Sovrano
It is one of the largest museums in town, built in a cluster of 15 Trulli connected with each other. The museum has a permanent exhibition showcasing the history of the town, architectural tools and authentic furnishing. It also facilitates audio tours for tourists.
Museo Del Territorio
There are a bunch of gift shops and craft stores to bring back home a souvenir from Southern Italy.
While wandering down the streets, tourist can indulge in some high quality local produce of vinegar and olives.