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Visit Cape Verde Islands—Africa's Answer to Hawaii

Richa Singh Jul 7, 2020
Cape Verde is an Island nation in Atlantic Ocean, off the northwest coast of Africa. It's an archipelago of ten islands that can be divided into two groups: Barlavento and Sotavento.
Cape Verde was discovered by Portuguese mariners in 15th century, and from then, was under Portuguese rule till 1975, when it finally got freedom after it waged a war against Portuguese rule in association with Guinea-Bissau.
In fact, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau were to be united but the plan got cancelled after a 1980 coup in Guinea-Bissau.
The island nation's strategic location made it an important centre for slave trade during the Portuguese rule.
Cape Verde has a pleasant tropical climate with average temperature varying between 26 and 30 °C. The best time to visit is from November–June, when there's hardly any rain.
Although Cape Verde is a poor country, the quality of life here ranks highest in the UN's index of East Africa.
Events and Festivals
Cape Verde has many colorful events and festivals lined up throughout the year, with the biggest one taking place at Sao Vicente. Carnival is one of the most famous festivals of Cape Verde, organized in most of its islands and involves lively processions.
Food is basically West African with heavy influence of Portuguese, Southern and Western Europe, with corn and beans being the staple food.
Things To Do...
Hike Pico De Fogo
Hike up near the summit of Poco De Fogo–the highest point of Cape Verde on top of a volcanic mountain. There hasn't been any eruption in past 400 years, but it is something to be taken care of when planning a hike.
Explore Bon Vista
Bao Vista is one of the more popular islands of Cape Verde and offers amazing opportunity to explore its sand dunes in off-road buggies. It's also an important breeding ground for sea turtles, and presents a chance to spot them.
Hike on Santo Antão Island
Santo Antão is a lush green paradise with a number of amazing trails. You could opt for a trail that fits your fitness level. View from Delgadinho mountain ridge is one of the recommended things to see here.
Stroll Along Sai Vicente Coastline
Baía das Gatas beach in Sao Vicente Island is blessed with an amazing coastline you can comfortably explore at your own leisurely pace. The beach is known for its strong winds.
Learn Surfing at Kite Beach
Kite Beach in Sal Island is the perfect venue for honing your surfing skills or to start learning from scratch. Surfing lessons are available at regular intervals.
Swim in Pedra Lume Crater
Pedra Lume Crater in Sal Island is a big volcanic crater now filled with warm salty water. Its warm waters will rejuvenate your body and rich mineral content would make your skin glow!
See Colors of Santa Maria
Santra Maria in Sal Island is a lively town of many colors—with full of life streets, live music and numerous tiny shops brimming with amazing crafts.