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Visit Portsmouth for England's Maritime Heritage

Abhishek Velankar May 8, 2020
Portsmouth, called affectionately Pompey by the locals, is the only island city in England. Couple that with its location, and one can see why it was Britain's Naval base for centuries.
Portsmouth is a must-see for any student or admirer of naval history. The first place to visit will be the Portsmouth Harbour.
Located on the Harbor is the Mary Rose Museum. Built around the wreck of the Tudor Ship Mary Rose, the ship had actually sunk. However, it has been restored for visitors to get a glimpse of life aboard the ship.
Another ship to see is the HMS Victory, a 19th Century ship. The artifacts and cannons from that era have been well maintained. There's also a audio guide to help around.
Portsmouth served as an embarkation point for allied ships in the D-Day landings. The D-day Story aims to tell the history of these landings with the help of archival footage, military uniforms and other artifacts.
Portchester Castle was built in the 11th century. The walls of the castle offer a sordid view of the sea and harbor, while there are also grounds to walk around. There's a church inside worth visiting too.
Spinnaker Tower, visible from anywhere in Portsmouth due to its height, houses three observation decks. One of the decks is made out of glass, while the topmost deck is the Sky deck, which offers magnificent views of the sea.
National Museum of the Royal Navy aims to bring out the storied naval history of Portsmouth. Also located next door is the ship HMS M33.
The Royal Navy Submarine Museum details the history of British Submarines. One can also go aboard a WWII-era Submarine underwater.