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Visit Rijeka: Port City of Croatia

Abhishek Velankar May 22, 2020
Rijeka was named as a European  Capital of Culture for the year 2020. Being a port city, it served as a line of defense during attacks. Rijeka is especially visitable during Advent Time.
Situated on a mountaintop, Trsat Castle overlooks the city of Rijeka. There's a restaurant in the courtyard and the whole castle is lit up during Advent Time.
Another magnificent structure is the Cathedral of St. Vitus. A baroque church which is a Rotunda, actually unusual for this region.
Korzo is the main street in Rijeka which is filled with historical buildings. One can easily roam here as no vehicles are allowed on this street. You wish to chill? Opt for the small pubs and cafes, they are the crowd pullers.
If that gets too crowded, Kazališni Park is a good place to rest. Also, situated at the back is the historical Croatian National Theatre that is worth visiting. (Kazališni  means theatre)
Minutes away from the center of Rijeka, Sablićevo Beach is a popular beach here. The pebbled beach with its gently sloping shore and its gorgeous turquoise water is surely soothe your soul.
Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral is a museum on a variety of topics. Located in the Governor's Palace, the exhibits range from old coins to a life-jacket that was onboard the Titanic.
A must-see is the PEEK&POKE Computer Museum. They display old computer technology and video games. If modern technology sometimes frustrates you, then it is worth taking the trip down the memory lane.
Rijeka Islamic Center is a mosque built in a futuristic style. It showcases the multi-ethnicity of the city.