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Visiting Cocoa Beach - Attractions and Things to Do

Abhishek Velankar May 20, 2020
Cocoa Beach is a nice family-friendly city, just like the beach itself. Many parks are located near the beach and surfing, boating and fishing are popular activities here.
Cocoa Beach Pier is the main attraction in Cocoa Beach. Extending far into the sea, it is surrounded by restaurants and bars and it is also popular for surfing.
Lori Wilson Park is a beachfront park with nice sand and pleasant water. There's also a dog park and general walking area and one can eat on the pavilion.
Ramp Road Park provides for kayaking and other boating activities, both motorized and non-motorized. Fishing is also done here and there are playgrounds for children.
At Maritime Hammock Preserve, there are walking trails that afford one to see the various plants the region has to offer. There are also ponds on the trail and at the end one hits water.
Cocoa Beach Skate Park is a place where one can watch experienced skaters show off their skills. Alternatively, one can even sign up for a lesson. On the whole, the park is quiet and one can just sit and watch skating in peace.
Dinosaur Store, as the name suggests houses Dinosaur exhibits. However, that's not all as there are also artifacts from Ancient Egypt (including mummified bodies) and Central Africa. There's also a game area and a store.
Escape Cocoa Beach is an escape room with fun activities like solving a murder mystery or planning a jail-break.
Pay a visit to the Historic Cocoa Village Association, a plaza with restaurants and shops selling art pieces.
When visiting the Cocoa Village Association, Village Playhouse should be a must-visit where plays are performed by local artists and occasional film screenings are held.