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9 Ways Travel Bloggers Can Stay Productive in Lockdown

Vinita Tahalramani
Since the coronavirus pandemic took over globally, it has hit hard on different industries, the hardest perhaps, on the travel industry and thus on travel bloggers.
In conversation with a number of travel bloggers recently, we have compiled a list of ways a travel blogger can stay productive during this lockdown.
This can also serve post lockdown, as travel and tourism seems to have a long term economic fallout.
Sell Your Tips
You have been an influencer in the travel domain, so help your readers with tips for post covid-19 travel, bookings, accommodation, transport and share other dos and don’ts.
Be Heard with Local
While borders close and airlines pause operations, you can promote local travel through writing. If you are a globetrotter, find good destinations for local travel. Help boost the local economy.
Follow the Strategy of R
Re-structure, redesign and re-purpose your content for the audience. With hectic travel schedules you never got a chance to revise your content. Now is the time! Edit the content you once hurriedly wrote.
Get Social with Distancing
Increase your social media followers, work on your website ranking. Make sure you strike a balance between promotion and advice. If expertise is required, consult a professional.
Try Out New Platforms
This is to create a new audience base. Move towards the latest technology like virtual videos. 
Web Stories by Google are taking pace and since those in the travel niche are ranking on Google's 1st page, this content format is the best bet for you.
Adopt Web Stories
Build Your Portfolio
In this time of recession, feeling insecure about your employment? Spare some time to build your own website or a portfolio. Isn’t that what you always wanted to do!
Organize Your Photos
While on travel you get crazy with photos, in writing you hardly spare time to choose the best ones. The time is right to compile your photos into immersive Web Stories.
Become a Motivator
Yes, you read it right! With all the travel knowledge you can share facts about the food, history and culture of different places around the world.
Share you travel moments and encourage people to share theirs, spreading smiles through memories of travel.
Start blogging in the Web Stories format. Since Web Stories are visually rich and mobile-focused, they are a perfect way to engage your readers, and as they can rank on Google's 1st page, they help you get more organic traffic.
Visual Stories gives you a one-stop solution to adopt Web Stories. You can start a Web Stories blog on your own website without any technical hassles and for free. Then start creating blog posts in this format and attract more readers.
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