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Web Stories: The Best Format to Start a Travel Blog in 2020 and Beyond

Manali Oak Jul 28, 2020
Web Stories are like stories on Snapchat and Instagram, but unlike social media stories that are confined to a particular platform, Web Stories are search engine-friendly and meant for the open web.
They are indexed by search engines, hence searchable on the Internet. They are like other web pages and have an independent URL, hence can be linked to. This makes Web Stories score high on search metrics.
Web Stories in the travel niche have started ranking in a dedicated section on Google's 1st page. Search for keywords like ‘Canada’, ‘Asia’, ‘New York’ on Google on a mobile device and notice the Visual Stories carousel.
The pages ranking there are Web Stories. For several travel keywords like these, you will see some Stories of Visual Stories client sites ranking!
Web Stories have full-screen vertical images and videos which makes them visually engaging. Backed by Google's AMP technology, they load at exceptionally high speeds. They have a tap-through navigation and provide a mobile-focused and user-first experience. Thus, they score high on user engagement metrics.
Being this amazing combination, Web Stories is the content format every blogger should adopt. This is especially applicable to travel bloggers, as Web Stories in the travel niche are already ranking on Google's 1st page, thus giving them a greater reach.
So if you are associated with the tourism sector you should establish your presence online by leveraging the Web Stories format to build a larger audience. In 2020 and beyond, Web Stories is the way to go for every entity in the travel industry as the means to promote themselves or their business.
How to adopt Web Stories? Visual Stories gives you a no-code solution for this. If you do not have a website, Visual Stories gives you a 3-step process to create one, after which you can start creating Web Stories on your website.
If you have a website already, you can start a Web Stories blog on a subdomain or in a subfolder of that website without affecting its existing structure.
You won't have to worry about the technical implementation of this blog. Its hosting, setup and maintenance will be handled by Visual Stories and it will receive automatic feature updates. It will be a Progressive Web App (PWA) which means it will be a website as well as a mobile app.
To create content on your website, you will get access to the Visual Story Builder, a fully mobile-compatible Web Story creation tool with a WYSIWYG editor and a media library of music and millions of images that can be added to your Stories for free. You can also upload your own images and videos in your Stories.
So start a travel blog that has Web Stories as its content format. Create Stories about your travel experiences or your tourism business. Due to their search engine rankings, they will help you build a larger audience and because they are immersive, they will engage the audiences better.
Be sure, Web Stories is the best content format for your travel blog. Without waiting any further, start one now.